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Dear John H :)

Posted by Stephanie S. on 6/06/03 at 11:23 (121131)

Sitting on the dock, feet hanging in the water, kid's baiting shrimp on the fishing poles ( mom gagging when they catch one!) and just overall enjoying the beach..this will be my weekend..hehe..been to Destin lately?

Feet still on the up & up...however I do occasionally complain to get that footrub I love so much.

How have you been?

Re: Dear John H :)

JudyS on 6/06/03 at 12:02 (121145)

Stephanie - how are YOU? It's been far too long! Are you still overwhelmingly busy with the kids? Who's playing what ball and who's traveling?

Re: Dear John H :)

Stephanie S. on 6/06/03 at 14:51 (121176)

I wondered if you and nancy were still hanging around as well! :) Yes, still staying extremely busy. All four played ball this season. Julia Anne finished her second year of t-ball, spencer in coach pitch, Emily's in her second yr of Angels..she's doing well , first year as lead pitcher. Lauren just couldn't be playing better this year. Em' found out last night she made her allstar team - I'm crossing my fingers for Lauren, we'll find out next week if she made it in the Ponytails..there's so much more competition in her age group than Emily's. Yup,played travel ball over the fall and both girls' loved it. This is the year you'll be watching again on the computer. Were hosting State this time round'..heard WS will be held in Mississippi. Emily's been working hard at gymnastics and was moved up last week to team. She made an awesome play the other night stealing to 3rd and sliding in being called safe. Everyone's still talking about that slide and how they haven't seen the angels do that yet. I laugh and say it's that gymnastic's paying off. Truth..it's playing travel ball..hehe. Not much other than that, just ball, ball and more ball. Emily's team won't make it as far as Lauren's did that year. But that same team will make it back this summer. So cross your fingers! :)

Re: Dear John H :)

JudyS on 6/06/03 at 15:19 (121181)

I will cross my fingers, Steph. Keep us posted on that tournament series/computer series.