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NEW ORTHOTICS for Mahatmelissama 06/06/03

Posted by Mahatmelissama on 6/06/03 at 13:07 (121153)

I JUST got these (well at like 10 AM and it is now 11:00 AM) today 06/06/03.

Yes, I dearly love my SDO's but my new podatrist, Dr. K, thought these would be 'the best thing for Melissa'.

My right foot (less PF) loves them. My left foot was already having little spasms while I drove stick-shift over the Sunol Grade from Pleasanton back to San Jose.

I have my SDO's in my purse and will put them on if I am suffering. Since i have a sit down job, I can wear these a long time.

I must say...FIRST IMPRESSION: These are made pretty darn close to my actual foot. They are also semi-rigid...but they have GIVE to them.

For those who care to know, they are called BlueLine by Langer (printed on them)

Re: NEW ORTHOTICS for Mahatmelissama 06/06/03

Carole C in NOLA on 6/06/03 at 15:24 (121184)


I hate to be pushy with advice, but you KNOW me and you know you can take it or leave it.

But PLEASE! Don't torture your feet by wearing them out walking around and driving, the first few days. You know you have sensitive feet! Please at least consider just wearing them while you sit, at first, and then gradually working into wearing them longer and while you stand, drive, and so on, after your feet have become more used to them and are not rejecting them.

Wearing them out and about the first day might work for most people, but you and I know that your feet are really tender. Those orthotics need to be OFF right away if/when they are causing your feet to spasm. At least, that is what I think. There, I got that out of my system! LOL Of course what you decide is up to you.

Carole C

Re: NEW ORTHOTICS for Mahatmelissama 06/06/03

Kathy G on 6/07/03 at 08:59 (121244)


I'd like to second that advice from Carole. Take it slow and easy! Ten minutes a day for the first couple of days; then add on five minute increments as your feet require. Don't undo all the good that's been done by your SDO's!

Listen to your feet!

Re: NEW ORTHOTICS for Mahatmelissama 06/06/03

Mahatmelissama on 6/07/03 at 15:45 (121264)

I should have listened to you both! I wore them from 10 AM ON...until about 5:30 PM! I sat mostly but I still had trouble sleeping from soreness in my inner ankles. Argh!

I wore my SDOs today...going to Karokee bbq (fund raising for missionary in Mexico). I will sing (hopefully they have a stool). I do ok though just for a song (standing...) but LOOONNNNGGG SONGS.

I had a mini victory. I know you both will understand this one. I went to Jiffy Lube and had to get out of the car and stand there while the guy entered all my info in the computer. Well last time that happened (about a year and half ago) at a Quaker STate oil place (like Jiffy Lube), I thought I would collaspe, my feet hurt me so badly. This time around, I WAS FINE! NO PAIN! I even sat and poundered (do I get my pcv valve change...new air filter....radator flushed...engine cleaned). I mean, I was NOT in PAIN! (besides soreness from pushing the New Orthotics). YEAH ME! YEA! :D

Re: NEW ORTHOTICS for Mahatmelissama 06/06/03

Pauline on 6/07/03 at 16:34 (121267)

Have you seen Ed's post about the plantar fascia groove in the orthotic.
Do your's have this? After you give your's a try you might bring his idea up to your doctor. Maybe the style Ed's describing would be more comfortable for you.

I'd like to see one compared to a regular orthotic.

Re: NEW ORTHOTICS for Mahatmelissama 06/06/03

Kathy G on 6/08/03 at 08:46 (121291)


Good for you!=D> It's wonderful to be able to do something, painfree, that you couldn't do a year ago! I hope you had fun singing last night and that your feet will continue to improve!

Re: NEW ORTHOTICS for Mahatmelissama 06/06/03

BrianG on 6/12/03 at 16:24 (121671)

Hi Melissa,

I was just checking out the Langer home page, as I have a pair of SporThotics, by the same company. I wanted to print out the BlueLine info for you. It appears that yours can be made either, soft, moderate, or firm.

Good luck with them. I like mine, have been wearing them for two years now.

Good luck

Cut & Pasted:

Blue Line is made with a toprelle shell, our proprietary modified co-polymer, for an accommodative device that offers a surprisingly high level of control. Blue line can accommodate deformities and lesions, add support and protection to the feet and offer moderate control and heel support for conditions like plantar fasciitis. Patients with high arched rigid feet can tolerate Blue Line. This is an ideal device for patients who are sedentary or whose activities include slow ambulation. Patient compliance is incredibly high with the flexible Blue Line. A choice of filler is available: PPT™ (soft), EVA (moderate) and Thermocork (firm).