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Sore Soles

Posted by Tom D on 6/06/03 at 14:21 (121162)

My wife and I are long distance hikes(1000+ miles over 3 months) and backpackers. After our long distance hike, we both now get sore soles after about 7 miles or so. Usually worse when we are carrying backpacks (25 lbs or less).

More history : My wife has Morton's Neuroma as well. It is very painful for her when we hike a few days, most painful going down hill. She just finally bought a running shoe with a wider toe box (Saucony) and went to a sports medicine guy here in boulder, CO that took a foam box to make an orthotic with metarsal pads to alleviate the pain.
As for the bottom of the foot pain, it just seems to be sort of an overall buzz on the bottom of the feet that goes away after resting for an hour or two. We also describe it as 'hamburger feet' or a general tingling.

We think we have the Morton's Neuroma figured out with the help of the doctor, but I am starting to wonder if the 'hamburger feet' isn't more than just how feet feel after walking on them all day.

Any ideas of what it could be and how to treat it? Keep in mind when we do our long distance hiking we are out at least a week, and more commonly over 3-6 months in the woods (Appalachian Trail).


Tom D