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Does anyone have this pain?

Posted by Kathy G on 6/07/03 at 12:03 (121253)

I took a walk the other day. Big Mistake!!! Now I have pain at the insertion point for the very first time. And I have had this other pain which I've had all along and it's become much more pronounced. I read the Scott's book and can't find any mention of it. It's on the bottom of my foot, right below my big toe; in that kind of 'pad' of fat. The pain isn't in the pad. It's in the bone beneath it. Is this part of PF or do you think it's related to my newly emerging osteoarthritis? I know you're not doctors, I just want to know if others have experienced pain in this area.

Thanks! To say that I'm discouraged would be putting it mildly! Oh well, it could always be worse.:)

Re: Does anyone have this pain?

SteveG on 6/07/03 at 12:41 (121255)

That's hard to say. I have had pain in that area. It could be from the PF. The fascia extends from the heel to the toes. Don't get too concerned at this point. Apply some ice and see where you are at in a few days. I don't think there is any part of my foot that has not hurt at some point in the last year and a half.

Re: Does anyone have this pain?

Mar on 6/08/03 at 17:26 (121318)

I have sesamoiditis in that place -- pain and swelling -- mine was a result of bunion surgery and is surely related to the PF. Most sesamoiditis is treatable, I believe. Mar

Re: Does anyone have this pain?

Carole C in NOLA on 6/08/03 at 19:31 (121325)

I drew a nifty little 'foot pain locator' for Tammie about a year ago. Here it is:


It sounds like you are talking about the area marked with purple circle number 33 or else orange circle number 28. If so, I've never had any pain there. Actually, all of my pain has been in the heel, arch, or outer edge of my foot. So there's a 'data point' for you.

I wonder if you are getting Morton's neuroma. I hope not!

Carole C

Re: Does anyone have this pain?

marie on 6/08/03 at 21:50 (121338)

YES, I have had that pain. My meta tarsal especially near my big toe. I have TTS. It feels like your walking with no padding. Like walking on your bones without skin. EEEW Yuk.

Be careful. Don't overdue. Go slow. And remember to take a cell phone.....if you get to far from home call someone to come and get you.


Re: Does anyone have this pain?

Pam S. on 6/08/03 at 22:30 (121341)

I am sorry you are having that pain!!! I think I have had the same pain. I was doing toe lifts (on carpet) and the next few days it felt like i had a neuroma in that area. Just from doing the toe lifts. Our feet are just so sensitive. I know it is discouraging but just ice it and baby it and it will get better.

When the weather gets nicer, I will want to be out walking more. Plus my shoes are different in the summer. It is always a challenge with foot issues. I hope this does not linger too long for you. I do not think it will. Yes, things can always get worse we are just all SO sick of this. I understand totally? Take care, pam

Re: Marie

Marty on 6/08/03 at 22:31 (121342)


Have had tts release? I have the same problem now but it's just come on after surgery.


Re: Does anyone have this pain?

Marty on 6/08/03 at 22:32 (121343)


Are you walking differantly to have caused this?

Re: Does anyone have this pain?

Kathy G on 6/09/03 at 08:20 (121360)

No, I'm walking the same way but I seem to be experiencing a whole lot of new pain since my infamous walk a few days ago. I'm having some morning pain which I've never had and this pain in that area. Neat way to pinpoint pain, Carole! The pain is in the area covered by 27, 28, 33, 34, and 40. Yes, Marie, that's exactly what it feels like. I feel like I'm walking on the bones. I actually have very little fat padding on my feet. I never have had. Now that I've become heavier, I keep telling my Pod that we should do liposuction on my stomach and put the fat on my feet. It sounds like a good idea to me!;) And, no, the pain is not like a neuroma. I have one of those in the other foot so I know how that feels.

I've been real good; you'd be proud of me. I've been resting a lot. I've got half a jigsaw puzzle completed. Today I intend to work on my afghan and rest some more. I've read three quarters of a book. Man, I get sick of resting!

Thank you all for your responses. Hopefully this is just another bump in the road to recovery. The eight year road.... On Thursday I ran into a store at the mall to pick up a couple of shirts for my husband that were on sale. My feet were hurting way too much to look around at anything else and I was bemoaning that fact when I noticed a woman, riding on an electrical cart. Her leg was amputated just above the knee. I stopped feeling sorry for myself in a big hurry!

Sometimes I need to remember to keep things in perspective!

Re: Does anyone have this pain?

Suzanne D on 6/09/03 at 14:38 (121387)

I'm sorry, Kathy. It's so frustrating to get to go on a walk and then 'pay for it' afterwards - and especially with new pain that you don't understand. I haven't had pain in that area but can sympathize with the frustration of dealing with it.

You always have a postitive attitude, though. @};- I have noticed that in all your posts. You look for ways to deal with youir difficulties and count your blessings.

Someone in our community lost both his arms last week due to a farming accident. I've been thinking about him a lot these last few days.

I guess this really belongs on the social board, but I just wanted to reply to your original post here.

Take care, and I hope this new pain passes quickly!
Suzanne :)

Re: Marty

marie on 6/10/03 at 11:15 (121447)

No I have not had tts release. This is what I do and it seems to be working. My hubby does a complete massage of my meta tarsal and calves following with ice. He uses a menopause cream that contains progesterone. I am an early menopause so I bought the cream. It is over the counter. I am not on HRT. I have a family history of breast cancer and heart attacks. For whatever reason it seems to work. We did the massages daily for a long time...now I ask my hubby to massage about twice a week. I do use the cream daily on my ankles, calves and knees. In exchange I give my hubby a neck rub in return....that way he gets something out of it. The swelling has gone way down since we started this routine.

The other things I do that help are: Neurontin, elavil, glucosamine, MSM, vitamin C, and magnesium. Birkenstocks.

I am not 100% but now I can run a little, shop, and feel fairly normal. I do notice a difference when I run out of the cream and don't get to walmart to get it right away. All I know is that I am functioning at 90% and only 8 months ago I was in a wheel chair or a scooter.

Re: PS: Marty

marie on 6/10/03 at 11:20 (121448)

I am sorry to hear that you are having some of the same problems that you had prior to surgery. Take care of yourself. Have you spoken to the doc about this?