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Taking Calcium?

Posted by melissa d. on 6/07/03 at 17:07 (121268)


I am a 26 year old woman and was recently diagnosed with heel spurs. I take calcium supplements daily but was told that I should stop taking them as they may contribute to my heel spurs.

Was wondering if this is true and if so, what should I do to supplement the calcium.


Re: Taking Calcium?

Pauline on 6/07/03 at 18:25 (121270)

I've been taking 1200 mg of calicum per day for years. I asked the same question to my endocrinologist and he said NO. He is the director of a bone and mineral clinic that specializes in treatment of osteoporosis,
Paget's disease and disorders of bone and mineral metabolism.

He runs studies for most if not all of the new drugs that are being tested for these conditions.

I've also asked him if it would cause kidney stones because a friend of mine has one and he also replied no.

I take his word on it because he has the background and studies to stand behind what he says. Besides all of his patients are taking at least 1200mg of calicum a day and perhaps more. I figure they all would have heel spurs by now and maybe horns too.

I had a friend who was taking Fosomax and her husband told her it would suck all the calcium from her brain. I don't know where he got that idea but I asked my doctor about it, to put her mind at rest, and he just laughed. She is taking her meds faithfully including 1200mg of calcium.

As he would say 'take your Calcium'.

Re: Taking Calcium?

Dr. Z on 6/07/03 at 18:38 (121271)


This is a very common question that is asked all the time. For some reason this is another one of the wive's tales that is still being told.
Heel spurs are due to degeneration of the plantar fascia at its attachment to the bottom on the heel bone. There is a micro-tearing of the plantar fascia . The body responds by laying down bone in response to this repetitive injury from standing, walkling each and every day. It is the body reaction and way of trying to heal this injured areas.

Re: Taking Calcium?

melissa d. on 6/09/03 at 13:07 (121382)

Thanks for the information. I really appreciate it and am releaved to hear that I don't have to give up my calcium!

Thanks again.