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had tts surgery 2 weeks ago

Posted by stella on 6/08/03 at 23:42 (121351)

Hello i dont know if my other message went through. I am doing ok had surgery two weeks ago now. I have a wheel chair and a walker not walking on the foot at all.. I had the first half of stiches removed on friday and they hurt like crazy stung and that but nurse wasnt nice :( I have numbness in m heel still and lots of tingliness. The dr did say there was a lot of pressure built up. I am putting ice on it and painkillers all the time. I hope it works. Any advice?? I know this will take a long time. I have now lost my job which is ok. But they said to me 12 weeks so im fired cause ive been on medical leave. Which i wasnt aware of so that was nice. Still no help finacil public aid and all that wont help cause i dont have kids im in a bind there. But i did try all the other choices before my surgery and almost a year later went through with this so i hope its good

Re: had tts surgery 2 weeks ago

Sharon W on 6/11/03 at 23:07 (121613)

I hope you will have all the good results from this surgery that you deserve, Stella, and that your healing will be speedy so you can find another job you like even better! But don't forget to follow your doctor's instructions for this time of healing and recovery; that is SO-o important. You don't want to do anything foolish now that could jeopardize your chances for having a full recovery!


Re: had tts surgery 2 weeks ago

Nasim A on 6/12/03 at 14:25 (121655)

I hope you get better and get on your feet again. I am also diagnosed TTS I have tried all the options except surgery. I was in moon boot for six weeks, I have tried viox, neurontin and other pain killers. I am bit confused for having surgery but I think that is only option left. Can some one tell me about some good surgeons in VA. Thanks.

Re: had tts surgery 2 weeks ago

stella on 6/20/03 at 17:10 (122474)

i hope u can find someone good nasim cause i was in that boot for almost 10 months before i decided to go ahead with the surgery after plaster casts and all the pain i just had to do the surgery. I am doing ok just lots of pain but staying off of it with a wheelchair and that. Still my heel is very numb... hoping it goes away some year ha ha bye