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TTS referral in SF?

Posted by Jody L. on 6/09/03 at 11:51 (121378)

I've had TTS for close to three years. I've tried all kinds of treatments, but I've been frustrated by what I consider to be an inability or unwillingness for my care-givers to look at the 'whole picture.' Podiatrists look only at my feet, neurologists prescribe pain killers, physical therapists are kind but limited. Can anyone recommend a provider in the SF/Bay Area who can look at the whole picture? I believe that my TTS is caused by my weird knee/leg/ankle alignment (bowlegged, pronate, etc.)

Re: TTS referral in SF?

elliott on 6/09/03 at 12:50 (121381)

Jody, sounds like you want to try an osteopath (or maybe physiatrist) or a chiro. The osteo/phys tries to look at the whole picture, while most chiros believe your back *is* the whole picture. Some chiros have certification to 'align' your feet too. Either or both docs are worth a try if it really is a weird knee/leg/ankle alignment.