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5 months post opp for TTS, and now I have broken a toe.

Posted by Ricky J. on 6/09/03 at 13:45 (121385)

Boy have things been tough for my feet. After finally being diagnosed with bilateral TTS, then TTS release surgery five months ago on my left foot, then slipping into RSD mode and out again, I have manage to break a toe. Friday night I was making my way to the bed in the dark and stub my toe on the bed post. The first thing I said to myself was wow, that shoud have hurt, not thinking anything more about it, I climbed into bed and went on to sleep. Saturday morning I was making my way to the shower and just so happen to look down at my feet and notice the toe next to my little one on my left foot was bent up under my little toe. I try to pull it back into postion with no avail, so I just taped it up with the other toes. My wife ask me if it hurt bad when I broke it. I told her that my foot hurts so bad from the TTS that I really didn't notice the pain of my broken toe. I don't know of anything else you can do to help heal a broken toe other than tapeing it up. Oh well, I am just hoping the bad times for my feet are behind me now.

Re: 5 months post opp for TTS, and now I have broken a toe.

Pauline on 6/09/03 at 16:18 (121394)

Wow Ricky,
You definately need to be on my prayer list. Hope you begin to feel better soon. TTS and RSD I'm sure have taken their toll on you already.
Some heavenly intervention would sure be appreciated right about now.