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Help me with my pain!!

Posted by Pam W on 6/09/03 at 20:10 (121411)

My feet (and also my hand~~another story) are in so much pain!! I just took a davocet 100 mg and it is not helping!!! This is getting so old and my insurance has not approved ESWT and I will not have the surgery (yet, another story).

Any suggestions on pain meds would be appreciated---my stomach can not tolerate much (yet again--another story---I am so screwed up)

TIA for you help.


Re: Help me with my pain!!

marie on 6/10/03 at 11:30 (121450)

Pam have you been DX with anything? I took darvacet for a while but had no luck and I don't like it. Ask your doc about neurontin. Many of us here are on it.

Hope your pain goes away soon.


Re: Help me with my pain!!

Pam W on 6/10/03 at 12:24 (121454)

I have PF and TTS and the dr wants to do ESWT but ins has not approved it. Now he want to do surgery but I do not heal well from surgeries so I am waiting for ins to approve. Darvacet and Peracet make me droggy the next day and I take classes (requiring lots of time to do homework and study) 3 times a week. 3 hours each day and I work 30 + hours per week, have Husband and 2 kids. I had to be on my feet all day yesterday and the pain was really bad so I took darvacet but today I am so droggy and sleepy eventhough I took it about 7 or 8 pm last night.

TIA for you suggestions.

Re: Help me with my pain!!

R C on 6/10/03 at 12:46 (121458)

Assuming the diagnosis is PF, I strongly urge that you exhaust all of the more conservative approaches before contemplating surgery. In my case, the combination of hard cast + crutches (4 weeks) followed by taping (many many months) was the road to recovery. Others have been helped by orthotics. In all cases, rest (being off your feet as much as earthly possible) is an important part of healing. Ice is good for relieving pain at the end of a hard day, though it contributes little to the healing process.

If you can tell us more, we can probably come up with more ideas.

Re: Help me with my pain!!

Pam W on 6/10/03 at 13:00 (121461)

I have had my feet taped-twice, cort. shots in each heel, have pres orthodic, PT, rested my feet alot during the time I was out for another surgery and still my feet are hurting---bad!!! I have tried cold and heat but the relief is so temporary. I am so sick of this!!! HELP!!

Re: Help me with my pain!!

Kathy G on 6/10/03 at 13:47 (121463)


Why don't you ask your doctor if you could try some Ultram for the pain? It is an analgesic that has few side effects and doesn't make people groggy. It might do the trick for you.

I find that Darvocet doesn't help the pain in my feet nearly as well as Phrenellin, a drug closely related to Fiorinal. It does, however, make one sleepy so that's not an option for you. And while it takes the edge off, it doesn't really help all that much. Although maybe Fiorinal would help you as it has caffeine in it?

I don't think that ice helps my feet at the time I'm using it, but in the long run, used on a regular basis, it really does seem to have an effect.

I'm sorry you are having such a tough time. Is there any way you could drop one of the classes or cut your work hours? You're expecting so much of yourself and with two chronic painful conditions, it just might be more than you can possibly do.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Re: Help me with my pain!!

Pam W on 6/10/03 at 15:08 (121472)

Kathy G

Thank you for the suggestion of Ultram. I have not talked with my dr because I wanted to get other opinons before I talked with him. I am so sleepy today because I took darvocet yesterday that I do not think it was worth it.

I am only taking one class this summer but it is 9 hours per week--anatomy and physiology and it is very intense. I sit during class.

I have already asked work to change my work schedule so I can attend this day class and we are getting ready to go thru a merger to a different company. I wish that Calagon could just sweep me away for just a little while!!

Thanks again for the suggestion and I will add Ultram to my list to talk to him about it.

Re: Help me with my pain!!

BrianG on 6/10/03 at 20:57 (121499)

Hi Pam,

You could try 800mg of Ibuprofen (prescription strentgh), or even Vioxx, for the inflamation. It may help you with the pain.

The Darvocet you have been taking has a very small amount of opiod analgesic in them. It appears that you have a low toleramce to the opiates. There is one way to overcome this, if your doctor will work with you. You should start with a smaller amount than you are taking, but take it on a regular basis. It will then build up in your system, which will minimize the up and downs of taking these types of pills. Is the Darvocet a pill, or capsule? If it's a pill, you can cut it in half, or even in thirds. Start with one 1/2 or 1/3 of a pill for a few days. If you don't have any ill effects, take it twice a day, then 3 times a day. Once you are used to that, you can maybe go to 1 pill, 3 times a day. It's called titration, and usually works well. If your doctor can't, or won't help, you could try a a pain management clinic, or doc.

Good luck

PS Darvocet also comes in a 50mg, which may be a better choice for you, as it's half strength.

Re: Help me with my pain!!

R C on 6/10/03 at 21:01 (121501)

Most of the things you have been mentioning are for pain relief, which doesn't assist in the healing process (except for reducing inflammation).

Let me suggest putting more effort into finding good orthoticsor a taping method that works for you. In both cases some trial and error may be necessary (perhaps even a great deal). The important thing is that these things will address some of the underlying biomechanics that created and perpetuated the injury. Your chances of getting permanent relief are enhanced.

As for tape, I can tell you that it takes some work to find the amount of tension that is both effective and tolerable. There are different ways to tape that you can alternate so as not to irritate the skin.

Anyway, let's keep thinking along these lines, and maybe wee'll hit on the right approach for you... Good luck--

Re: Help me with my pain!!

Pam W on 6/10/03 at 21:39 (121505)

Brian g---i cannot take ibuprofen for longs periods of time because of my stomach----acid reflux disease, stomach drs wants to surgery for that too.

Re: Help me with my pain!!

Pam W on 6/10/03 at 21:42 (121506)

I am afraid to take anti inflam. because of my stomach. Are there any out there that does not bother you stomach?

Re: Help me with my pain!!

Dorothy C. on 6/11/03 at 03:16 (121517)

Have you tried any of the natural, over-the-counter type of Cox-2 Inhibitors? Dr. Weil recommends one called Zyflamend. These are reported to be gentle on the stomach. Also, a natural product,DGL, is recommended for both acid reflux and stomach lining protection. Might be helpful - don't know for sure.

Re: Help me with my pain!!

Pam W on 6/11/03 at 06:19 (121519)

Dorothy-I have not heard of either of these. I hate the natuals because you have to take sooo many several times a day and I can never remember to take them---I am always on the run with school, work and home.


Re: Help me with my pain!!

BrianG on 6/11/03 at 10:37 (121530)

Thats OK Pam, it was only one suggestion. Think about the other two, though. The Vioxx, and the Darvocet 50's.
Personlly, I do take the Ibu's for inflamation. I also take daily opiates, as they are the 'only' thing I have found that will touch my pain, and I have had the chronic pain from PF for about 9 years !!!!

Good luck

Re: Help me with my pain!!

john h on 6/11/03 at 13:20 (121553)

Kathy I am with you on Ultram.

Re: Help me with my pain!!

rick mc. on 6/12/03 at 22:42 (121718)

pam i feel for ya, My left foot is hurt'in all the time .
I've done the streches and the night splint (the night slpint hurts too bad to wear!
i take 2-7.5 percocet every night, all it does is nock me out !.
I wish i could find something to get rid of it !!! HELP MEEE!!!

Re: Help me with my pain!!

BrianG on 6/13/03 at 07:56 (121732)

Hey Rick,

I know what your feeling, I've been there, believe me. I have a suggestion about the Perc's. You are almost wasting them by taking them at night. They will probably last about 5 hours max. When you wake up in the morning, same old pain!

Why not ask your doctor for something designed to help you sleep. You can then take a Perc at noon, and another one at supper. It's not the best way to control your pain, but it should work better than what your doing right now. Most people who take daily pain meds, take them 3 times a day, as they just do not last as long as the manufacturer says they will!!! That is a story for another day! Talk to your doc. see if he will help you. Did you know that the Perc's come in 10mg pills, which would help you even more. Three 10's a day would put a big dent in your pain, just make sure you eat something whenever taking one.

Good luck

Re: Help me with my pain!!

Kathy G on 6/13/03 at 10:44 (121753)


Vioxx and Celebrex can often be tolerated by someone with Acid Reflux. They do have side effects but as long as you are being monitored by a doctor, you should be OK. The problem is that they don't seem to help that many people with PF. I forgot mine one time that I went on vacation and discovered they helped me more than I thought but overall, it seems that the opinion of many people on the board is that they don't help foot pain. My stomach doesn't tolerate Ibu either.

Do you take Prilosec for the Acid Reflux? I take it twice a day and it's very effective for me. There are other drugs out there that will do the same thing.

Hope you get some relief!

Re: Help me with my pain!!

Rebecca R on 6/14/03 at 20:39 (121885)

A little warning about Ultram:
Yes, it's great stuff. Mostly I take it for my bad knees, but it helps some with the PF. The only problem is, there ARE withdrawl symptoms from Ultram if you take it regularly for a period of time. Some people will tell you it's not addictive and, mentally, it's not. However, if you take it for awhile and stop abruptly, you may have physical withdrawls, and they ain't fun. If you do a google search on the subject you will find plenty of evidence. The good news, for me anyway, is that there are no adverse side effects and my doctor always aproves refills. Just be sure that if you start taking it and later decide to stop, ween yourself off gradually.

Another drug I have found to be helpful is Vicodin. But, I only take that from time to time because I don't like how sleepy it makes me.

Re: Help me with my pain!!

Pam W on 6/16/03 at 18:04 (122022)

Kathy G----I take 1 nexuim and 1 zantac in the morning and 1 each at night. I have acid reflux really bad, dr suggesting surgery but I can tolerate it for now---better than the PF.

I called my dr office today. My ins co still has not approved ESWT. I suggested Ultram and she was going to talk with the dr.