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Dr. Z. / Question PF and RSDS/CRPS

Posted by Bev on 6/09/03 at 21:33 (121414)

DR. Z.

I went to Dr. # 5 today and he started out the same as dr. # 3 an #4 did and said ' I didn't have time to look at your records that you brought so just tell me what has been going on'. I brought each doctor a FULL chart of my records of all of my tests, x-rays, scans, reports, and everything I have had done the past 2 years with this problem and they NEVER even bother to look at them. After we discuss the problem they say, 'well, IF you even have PF' , (if they looked at my records they would see that 3 doctors and many tests have confermed I do have PF ) , then they go on from there, and pretty much brush me off. Any way he said I have way too much pain just for PF 'IF I HAVE PF' and he thinks I have RSD/CRPS that could have come from PF (' IF I had PF' ) and I need to go to a pain clinic now. He said he can not do ESWT fo the PF as that would damage my feet if I do have RSD/CRPS, is that correct? He said something about neuropathy and RSD and the foot problem and then just left the room and I never found out what he was talking about. I left more confused then when I got there. Why do doctors do that to us? Why do they like to leave us more confused and all in a wonder ? We go home so confused that we do not know where to turn to next, so we e-mail you , how about that :) Can you help me out of this confusion at all --please :-/ :-/ :-/ I am sorry to be so long winded but we just got home from this trip from seeing this doctor and I am so confused and so tired and after 2 years of this mess I am ready to shoot someone and I don't know who :)) Thankyou for always being there for us Dr. Z :)

Re: Dr. Z. / Question PF and RSDS/CRPS

Dr. Z on 6/09/03 at 22:46 (121418)

If you do have RSD then a pain clinic would be the best place to get a correct evaluation and treatment. ESWT isn't going to help you if you have RSD and or neuropathy. I would see a pain management specialist and see if you do indeed have either RSD and or neuropathy