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Tarsal/Metatarsal/Tibia Fusion

Posted by Dawn D. on 6/09/03 at 23:55 (121426)

I factured my left foot 25 yrs. ago in car accident, and now am having alot of pain and limping. If I walk more than 1/2 mile (I'm a lab tech and walk/stand alot), I suffer for days with spasms and terrific pain, can hardly stand. I am scheduled for a Tarsal/Metatarsal/Tibia Fusion with possible bone graft soon. I have been researching as much as I can and not finding much. This surgery really has me freaked as was told no weight baring for 4 months, and to take a leave of absence from work for at least 6 months, maybe even a year. What can you tell me about this surgery and what I should expect. I'd like to set some goals for myself, such as 6 weeks to get around good on crutches and have a good daily routine. You're reply will be greatly appreciated.


Re: Tarsal/Metatarsal/Tibia Fusion

bgcped on 6/11/03 at 21:00 (121603)

I would research it and other procedures. Not trying to confuse you but fusion is pretty permnant so it can be done after all other treatments or even other surgeries have been tried