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BG-A Thoght

Posted by john h on 6/10/03 at 10:32 (121437)

I recently bought one of the beds that is made in Sweeden from the material developed for NASA. AS you probably know it has the ability to breath, conform to your body, and return it its position day after day. It is very dense and seems to me might make an ideal orthotic for some people. I do not know how you cut that material. They do sell three size pillows including a very small one which could be cut with the proper equipment and placed over a rigid or semi rigid base. I have been tempted to take my footmax and cut a piece to conform to the foot. Your foot would conform perfectly in this stuff as I stood on my pillow. I do not know how deep you would want it.

Re: BG-A Thoght

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/10/03 at 15:28 (121476)


I am familiar with that material. It may rebound too slowly for use in a footbed or orthotic. Perhaps with some reformulation....

Re: BG-A Thoght

bgcped on 6/11/03 at 10:09 (121528)

It is a visco elastice type material. It spreads wt out and floats pressure points. I guess the advange is that it doesnt or shouldnt need springs or similar. It also does not take a compression set like many other materials. It has been used for custom seating on wheel chairs etc.

Probably closest application is in some gel type inserts. There is a lab out of indiana called Reickens, they make custom and premade devices called 'PQ' that have many of the same qualities. They dont work for everybody but great for some

Re: BG-A Thoght

john h on 6/11/03 at 13:19 (121552)

Ir makes one great bed Ed.

Re: Question for John

Kathy G on 6/12/03 at 13:17 (121648)


How long have you had it? Does Mary like it? Does it help her arthritis? We're in the market for a new bed and we're wondering about this type vs. a water bed. The air mattresses seem to get bad ratings so they're out of the question. Is yours the Dux Sienna that Pat Summerault advertises? Or is it the one that Brookstone sells?

Sorry to be so nosey but we're quite interested in your experience. It's a lot of money to spend and we'd like as much information as possible.


Re: Question for John

john h on 6/12/03 at 15:44 (121663)

Kathy we have twin Tempupedic beds that are side by side which makes them a little larger than a king. We also bought the Leggitt and Platt adjustable beds for the mattress set. Beds are a personal thing but to me this is the most comfortable bed I have ever had. I have a bad back from an aircraft crash and it really helps. It is amazing to see that bed recover to its flat position after you get up. It is firm but soft if that is possible. Mary has arthritis and she hates pressure points so there are none in these beds. Of course you never have to turn them. They are not inexpensive but since you spend 1/3 of your life in bed that is no place to go cheap. I love the adjustable beds as with a bad back you like to get your legs above your hips at times to take the pressure off your low back. Also great for reading,tv, or raising those legs as all us PF folks need to do at times. The controls to adjust the beds are remote wirelss and they are absolutely without sound when you adjust them. The mattress carries a ten year warranty. Some friends of our bought some expensive adjustable air beds you see advertised. I think they may have even cost more than the Tempurpedic. She was over this week and they hate the beds after a year but as I said beds are in the eye of the beholder. Sleeping in a hammock between two trees in the jungle it does not take much to make me happy. Come on by and you can sleep with us..

Re: Question for John

Kathy G on 6/13/03 at 10:37 (121751)

I don't know, John, sounds a little kinky to me! Does Mary know you're inviting people to come by and sleep with you? ;)

Seriously, thanks for the information. You're so right. Mattresses are not something you want to scrimp on.