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Have you heard of AHP's - Association Health Plans?

Posted by Kathy G on 6/11/03 at 13:34 (121554)

I hadn't. I received a recorded telephone message telling me to watch for the orange pamplhlet coming in my mail which would explain why I should get in touch with my legislators to ask that they not support the bill setting up AHP's. In a nutshell, what the opponents are saying is that should this bill pass, our healhcare rates can go up as often as the AHP wants, with those who get sick frequently facing more increases. It says that the right to appeal an insurance refusal will be repealed. It says that these companies may not be able to cover claims as they will not be required to keep money in the bank to cover them.

I was extremely skeptical, to say the least, but I went to their website, http://www.protectyourhealthcare.org . and I find it alarming. I am going to print out the text of the bill and study it but at first glance, this is an extremely upsetting piece of legislation. It's interesting to me to note the organizations that are opposed to its passage. They seem to cross party lines.

I have a number of questions, the first being, why wasn't I aware that this was going on? Have you all heard about it? Maybe I missed it but I haven't seen a thing about it. And I have no idea why I am on their mailing list. And while they don't ask for any money, they don't appear to be a non-profit organization so do they represent a special interest group (like maybe the insurance institute of America or something?)

Now, you all know that I don't believe in political threads on these boards but this issue is something that I believe transcends politics and I hope that you will agree. With some trepidation and great hope that I am not starting another political fiasco, I am asking you if you know anything about these AHP's? I recognize that liberal and conservative thinking may be different but in the end, we are a group who is concerned with healthcare and health coverage. I hope that I don't start something ugly with this post but I think this is important enough to take a chance!


Re: Have you heard of AHP's - Association Health Plans?

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/11/03 at 21:59 (121610)


The concept was to allow associations to offer group heath insurance plans to members and thus lower rates. It sounds like a good idea but 'the devil is in the details' and one would have to take a close look at a number of items. I would be concerned if such plans want to make themselves immune from state insurance regulations -- issues from having adequate reserves to adequate mechanisms to ensure that claims are paid are important issues.