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Tinels sign on lateral ankle

Posted by Kathy R. on 6/11/03 at 17:20 (121583)

Hi I am new to the board. I am wondering about a tinels sign on the lateral part of the ankle. It sends a 'Funny Bone' sensation into my foot and lateral toes. The ortho said it is an irritated peroneal nerve. Could this be from my 4 month unstable walking gait from my heel pain? Both the podiatrist 2 visits and 1 to the ortho say I have plantar faciitis. Stretching the calf muscles helped. Im trying to avoid cortizone injections. They only took an x-ray. The pain in my heel and arch use to be the typical morning pain, worse after on feet awhile. It also use to burn really bad on the insertional spot. Does plantar faciitis pain also include pain while sqeezing the heel together? Its not as bad as it once was. Also when I lift heel off the ground it pulls and hurts on the bottom of the heel and in the back of the heel.for 4 months I walked on the ball of my foot to protect the heel. (with orthotics) Did this weaken my ankle?
I decided to lose 18 #s in 6 weeks. It has helped alot. Have you had any patients with these symptoms? Sometimes it feels like the calf muscle and achillies tendon is so tight it is going to rip the bone out of my heel. Other times it feels like I could walk 20 miles. What do you think? Once in a while my lateral toes tingle and feel patially numb. Then goes away.
the lateral muscle in my lower leg also feels sore alot.I know its alot but perhaps you may know what I should do. Hopefully its all in my head!