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To Mar re:myofascial release

Posted by Pam S. on 6/11/03 at 19:31 (121600)

Dear Mar:
I am sorry I have not gotten back to you. I was late to my appt. on Monday. My regular therapist was not there so I saw someone else. I did not even bother to ask her the name of a person in South Jersey because I had rather ask the owner who knows so much.

It seems I was better over the weekend but now I an regressing a bit with my pain. I have been 5 times so far. Usually people are seen about 15 times. I do hope this helps me. It takes up so much of my day. I go again on Friday. I will get back to you. Hope you are doing well. (I am seeing the owner on Friday again.) Any other questions... my insurance covers 80% if this. Take care, Pam

ps if Carmen is reading this I would love to hear of her experience with this type of therapy...

Re: To Mar re:myofascial release

Pauline on 6/11/03 at 19:57 (121601)

Can you explain how myofascial release is different from regular massage done in physical therapy? What do they do and how does it feel when they are doing it?

Re: To Mar re:myofascial release

Mar on 6/12/03 at 07:30 (121626)

Pam -

Thanks for responding. I will appreciate any info you can give me. Good luck -- hope you feel better again soon. Mar

Re: To Mar re:myofascial release

carmen h on 6/13/03 at 10:41 (121752)

Myofascial release is different then regular massage b/c they actually go in and FIND the trigger points that are casuing the problems...like little hard knots under the skin in between the muscles etc.
It HURTS but in a good way when the TP gets released. When the ones in my cavles got released it felt like a BAD sting and then like HOT liquid running through my muscles.

Re: To Mar re:myofascial release

Pam S. on 6/13/03 at 22:16 (121820)

Well, I went to my appt. today and saw the main therapist. She did not know of a therapist in that part of Jersey. She suggested that you leave a message in the MFR chat room. I asked her to give me the web address but she went into another appt. after leaving me and forgot. She is just so busy. It is nice that I have an hour with her. Most of the time when you see a PT it is for 30 minutes. I promise I will get you more info.Keep checking if you can.

Also, to answer Pauline's question - This is somewhat similar to what a PT would do. These therapist are trained PT's or Occupational therapists. Their training teaches them that fascia runs throughout our body - connects throughout. She is trying to loosen restrictions in the fascia. If the fascia is 'restricted' it can cause nerve pain, pain, spasms etc etc. MFR is not really considered massage, although some of what she does reminds me of what my massage therapist does. Sometimes she just pulls on my leg or my foot or my big toe. She has found that my hips are way out of line so she works on that because that affects how you walk.

She sort of pulls my skin up sometimes and holds it there for a while. She does not define this as a trigger point but a restriction. I do not know what the difference is. She really stresses the importance of releasing restricions in my calves. She gave me a ball to rest my calves on to release them on my own. She gave me these really cool hot packs to heat in the microwave for moist heat for my calves too. These pack have little beads in them and I can tell I will use this alot. Heat is a good thing I have found.

She also works on my arm because I have trouble there and a little on my back. It does feel good but I really like and seem to benefit from body work. Then I see the reflexologist which is just such a treat.

She does not claim that this is a cure by any means. Her goal is to get the body balanced, get my connective tissue as healthy as we can and the give me the tools to enable myself to keep it that way. It is all very calm and soothing. She says it takes several minutes for tissue to release.

So what do you think? It does make sense doesn't it? I do not think I will be pain free when I finish these 15 or so sessions. I just always look to glean a few new tips - maybe get 20% better. There is NO magic bullet that is for sure. Take care - Hope this helps pam

Re: To Mar re:myofascial release

Mar on 6/14/03 at 07:34 (121841)

Pam -

What a great description of the process and what it is supposed to do -- thanks! It does make sense and your realistic hope of getting maybe 20% better is a good goal. I think it is dawning on a lot of us, that short of a miracle (which is always very possible), 100% cure is unrrealistic. And when we can find these gentle type therapies, at least the process itself becomes enjoyable. That is what I am finding with the biofeedback and meditation and what I did find with acupuncture and massage. They helped temporarily and were enjoyable in themselves. Perhaps there is a lot to be said for living in the present moment! Well, I will try to find the MFR chat room. Thanks - Mar

Re: To Mar re:myofascial release

Carmen h on 6/16/03 at 08:13 (121976)


Re: To Mar re:myofascial release

Mar on 6/16/03 at 08:42 (121978)

Great web site -- thank you!! Mar