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Low energy - are the intervals in between important ?

Posted by niels l on 6/12/03 at 02:34 (121623)

I have decided for a second round of low energy eswt, as the first round ( 4 times last summer) has given me some pain relief, but not at all cured me.

From other posts i know that the intervals between each treatment is said to be a week ( or maybe even shorter). But how important is that ? The Evotron ( little brother of Ossatron) was and is to be used for my treatment.

On my first ruond of eswt the intervals were 2-4 weeks and therefore i wonder if that migt have reduced the effect of the eswt. Also see my posts dated 1o and 11. june (same thread). Thanks.


Re: Low energy - are the intervals in between important ?

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/12/03 at 19:42 (121690)


There is not a lot of information as to what optimal intervals are between low energy treatments. One week intervals between treatments are often used with Sonocur in the US and Canada.