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walking gait

Posted by Kathy R. on 6/12/03 at 16:31 (121672)

Does anyone experience pain in the bottom of the heel and in the back/inside of the heel when lifting foot off the ground? Sometimes this happens to me and I dont know if its from my shoes or from my plantar fasciitis or another problem. Also is the burning sensation some refer to with PF at the insertional spot, and is it like a deep burning feeling
that will continue for 15 minutes during rest? My symptoms seem to change on me. Its kind of wierd. My foot now does much better AFTER rest. It just hurts alot if Ive been on it for awhile. Then the inside arch and pain in the heel start. Lately my ankle is getting sore and painful. I believe it is from my unnatural gait. Thanks for any input.

Re: walking gait

Carole C in NOLA on 6/12/03 at 21:10 (121707)

Yes, that sounds like my PF was, at least for a while, anyway. I found that if I avoided things that caused pain, as much as I could, it allowed my feet to heal more. Also, I think my feet do much better after rest too, but especially if I've done some gentle stretching before getting up, such as Julie's Yoga stretches. You can read her post describing them if you click on the word 'Yoga'.

Rest, orthotics, Birkenstock shoes, never standing or taking a step while barefoot, gentle stretching, and icing all helped me to recover, but it took me several months.

Have you read the heel pain book on this website? It's free to read online, and it has a lot of useful information. You are probably right about your ankle pain.

Carole C