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Achilles Tendon, Spur

Posted by Eileen I on 6/13/03 at 06:18 (121727)

Initially I had X-rays, and an MRI. Podiatrist indicated that the spur had partially torn the achilles tendon. The following steps were done:
1. Wore a boot for approximately ten days.
2. Molds were made for Orthotics. Been wearing them for about a month.
3. Then was sent for rehab where they performed:
a. Whirlpool for 10 minutes.
b. Stretching of the foot.
c. Massage
d. Electrical stimulation.

None of the above has produced any significant change/improvement.

Options given were surgery or ESWT. We need to find out how many surgeries of this type the podiatrist has done. He states he is certified to do ESWT, but we get the impression he has never done one.

Can you suggest alternative procedures, and/or what the next step should be, and what we should watch out for.

Patient is 67 years old, a type 2 diabetic, on coumadin, BP medication and allergy medications.

Thank you,

Eileen I

Re: Achilles Tendon, Spur

Dr. Z on 6/15/03 at 07:37 (121904)


ESWT can be very effective for chronic insertional achilles tendonitis.
The fact that there is a tear in the tendon is of concern and must be evaluated. If there is a partial torn from the spur then ESWT isn't the right procedure for you, however this is rare and very unusual. IF and when you do have ESWT you must be off the coumadin medication for three days before the prcedure. I hope that this is very helpful to you. I have performed ESWT for this for chrnonic insertinal achilles tendonitis with very effective resolution of pain . We have patient four years post ESWT for chronic insertional achilles tendonitis. Feel free to ask any questions
that you may have about this procedure or your foot problems