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Elliott, I have a question?

Posted by marie on 6/13/03 at 12:06 (121760)

Someone on the treatment board told me you are using neurontin cream. Has it helped you and how often do you use it?

Thanks, marie

Re: Elliott, I have a question?

elliott on 6/13/03 at 13:30 (121768)

Marie: No, I never used neurontin cream (and I'll throw in that I have my own personal doubts as to how effective such a cream could be when one typically needs a very high oral dose just to get a decent amount of relief). What I did use was something called neuropathy gel, which gave me about 30% relief from tingling for 2-3 hours (disappointing, but better than nothing given my former pain level). I no longer need it, as my TTS situation has improved at long last (from your long post on another board, I see you've been on a long journey yourself--good luck and best wishes on recovery).

To find out about neuropathy gel and related compounds, go to the Message Boards index and do a search on neuropathy gel. It will bring up all my posts about it, with all the info you'll need.


Re: Elliott, I have a question?

marie on 6/13/03 at 19:06 (121798)

Thanks a bunch elliott!