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4 Weeks post ESWT and need advice!

Posted by Molly H on 6/13/03 at 14:34 (121772)

I saw my pod this morning and I am very disappointed with what he told me! First of all I thought he would have done an ultra-sound to see where I am at as far as thickness of the fascia, healing progress etc. He did not, I told him like I felt like I was getting better, that I am not nearly in the pain I used to be in. I told him that I have had flare ups if I walk too much or, if I am on my feet too much.
My Dr. told me that my center band is STILL very tight and I can run in 2 weeks and if I still have pain then we need to do surgery to release it!!!!
In my opinion I think NO WAY on the surgery. Do any of you have a very tight center band? Is there a way to loosen it with stretches? Would taping help (if and when I go back to running)?
I feel like I went from a 9 or 10 in pain to a 3 (most days, unless I push it)
He told me the inflammation from the ESWT is gone .
I would like to hear opinions from any of you who have gone through shockwave and from the Dr.s on the tightness of the center band!
Thank You!


Re: 4 Weeks post ESWT and need advice!

SteveG on 6/13/03 at 19:44 (121804)

When did you have the ESWT? The fascia will become more loose over time. The fact that you have had this much of a reduction in pain is a good sign. I am with you on the surgery, and it sounds like your pod is rushing things. If you do not get enough relief from this round of ESWT, I would get another round in 6 months or so. Surgery is a last resort and should be avoided if at all possible. I know you want to run again, but I think you would be wise to try another exercise for a year or so. You do not want a serious relapse.

Re: 4 Weeks post ESWT and need advice!

Molly H on 6/13/03 at 20:19 (121809)

I had ESWT on May 14. My level 3 of pain has only been in the last few days, before that I would have called it a 5. Thanks for your advice Steve, I appreciate it!