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Muscle Relaxants

Posted by Pauline on 6/13/03 at 15:02 (121776)

I was at a meeting yesterday and began a conversation with a Physical Medicine Physician. I brought up treatment for chronic plantar fasciitis patients and was surprised by his response. Combined with other treatment he said he's seen good response in his chronic P.F. patients with the long term use of muscle relaxants.

Has anyone been offered this treatment by their doctors? I haven't done a search on Scott's board, but I thought it was an interesting response and thought I'd mention it.

Re: Muscle Relaxants

Kathy G on 6/13/03 at 18:29 (121796)


I've had good luck with Carisopridol. It makes me feel like a zombie but it will often help my pain, especially if my calf muscle is in spasm. It also seems to help my feet.

I used it on a regular basis for about two weeks, a while back, when I had some problems with my shouler and I know for a fact that my calf was much better. I hate to take it so I don't use it on a long-term basis. Most people can take Flexeril and function and that's what most doctors prescribe these days. It gives me a terrible migraine so I'm stuck with the Carisopridol.

This is very interesting. I believe that Carmen used to say that muscle relaxants helped her feet. It makes sense; it's relaxing your muscles. Wonder if anyone has tried it long term?

Re: Muscle Relaxants

Pauline on 6/13/03 at 19:56 (121806)

He did indicate it was a long term treatment that he used.

Re: Muscle Relaxants

Lynn B on 6/14/03 at 19:15 (121883)


I found this to be very interesting speaking of muscle relaxants: I've had PF for about 4 months and advil and aleve help somewhat but really only take the edge off the pain. Well, last week we went to dinner and I had a couple of cosmopolitans (normally one drink is it for me but I was just in that mood) and a glass of wine and when we were leaving I said to my husband that maybe I should drink more as the pain of the PF was totally gone and really it was gone most of the next day also. (of course, I might have been too busy thinking of my headache to notice my feet!) But the point is, maybe alcohol can act as a muscle relaxer also.