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RE: Edit a message

Posted by Mar on 6/15/03 at 16:49 (121938)

How does one edit her own post? I thought I knew how to do this once, but I can't seem to figure it out now. Mar

Re: RE: Edit a message

Dr. Z on 6/15/03 at 17:32 (121944)

I would love to have this feature. I could go back and fix the spelling errors and ommitted words.

Re: RE: Edit a message

Mar on 6/16/03 at 05:30 (121969)

And when would you have time to do that??? In your spare(??) time??? Do you mean the 'omitted' words??? :-)

Re: RE: Edit a message

Mar on 6/16/03 at 05:36 (121970)

I copied and pasted this from the treatments board - check it out -- message was edoted by original poster:

Re: Does anyone feel UCBLs helped with PF?

Posted by HilaryG on 6/15/03 at 14:02

The UCBLs are the only treatment given to me by the ortho. But I am also seeing a chiro for Active Release. (Sorry about the duplicate posting)

Message was edited by original poster on 06/15/2003 at 14:08:34.

Re: RE: Edit a message

Mar on 6/16/03 at 08:43 (121979)

See now if I could remember how to edit it I could fix my 'edot' mistake!!

Re: Here's how

Carole C in NOLA on 6/16/03 at 19:56 (122044)

You have to put your e-mail address in the optional e-mail box, when you write your post. Then, you will get an e-mail and you can edit your post.

Carole C

Re: Here's how

Mar on 6/17/03 at 05:39 (122079)

Oh - thanks - I already do that but didn;t remember that I could edit that way - another problem solved!! ;-) If only PF were that simple!! Thanks - Mar