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To Patti R

Posted by JudyS on 6/16/03 at 18:56 (122034)

Hi Patti - I was away last week and didn't see your ESWT question until today - I sure hope you're still around in spite of last week's discussion.
I saw a few answers to your question re: locations of ESWT treatment centers and thought I'd add a couple of ideas. One, there is a list of some ESWT providers right here on this website. Just dig until you run in to it. Second, I live in San Diego and there are a couple of ESWT machines here that I know of. Of particular interest to you may be the one at the Oasis Sports Clinic. A podiatrist named Dr. Feldman runs it there. I say it may be of interest to you because I think they also run one out of the LA area. The second ESWT that I know of here is at the San Diego Sports Medicine Clinic on Alvarado.
You'll likely end up finding several in the LA area.