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how to fix problems in the message board

Posted by Scott R (heelspurs.com's owner) on 6/16/03 at 21:56 (122057)

if you think a post or poster is out of line, please email me, or include 'scottr' (no space before the r) in a post where you are explaining to a poster why their posts are out of line. posts with 'scottr' in them get sent to my email. my email is (email removed) ... my decision these days will be based on votes from long-term members about a post or poster.

Re: how to fix problems in the message board

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/16/03 at 23:33 (122070)


Using 'votes' to make a decision on deletion may spread some responsibility around but that is a poor substitute for having editorial standards. The popularity or unpopularity of a post or poster should have little bearing on the decision, it is the content of the post and the persistence of a poster in continuing with innappropriate content.

It seems reasonable that posts which involve slander or defamation of character should be first in line for editing. An individual who provides a medium for slander to occur may be viewed as an accessory to the act. I am obviously not an attorney but I believe these to be basic legal concepts that you are welcome to verify. This board and site has grown to the point that having appropriate editorial standards that are printed on the site and followed would serve not only provide a measure of protection from liability but would create an environment in which leaders in this area of healthcare would feel comfortable leaving posts. That would be a net gain for the site.


Re: how to fix problems in the message board

Max K on 6/17/03 at 01:47 (122078)

I sometimes read the Harvard RSD message board
(http://neuro-mancer.mgh.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/forumdisplay.cgi?action=topics&forum=Reflex+Sympathetic+Dystrophy&number=80), and I noticed that they have lots of rules, the equivalent of a 50-page book at least:

Perhaps some of those rules could be adapted for heelsprus.com?


Re: how to fix problems in the message board

carmen h on 6/17/03 at 18:38 (122151)

Amen Dr. ED!!!!!