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my doctor visit today..

Posted by Chris A on 6/16/03 at 23:02 (122065)

went to my doctor today, they taped up my feet, it didnt do much, i didnt get a chance to talk to my doctor, he came in and left as quick as possible (i think they are getting tired of me lol) you guys are smarter then him anyway, probably at least more experienced...

ok heres my new list of needs.. what medicine (over the counter and prescription) that can help with our condition? what about vitamins? birkenstock sandals sound promising, i might try those, bought compression socks, will try those tomorrow.. i cant get reassigned, i work at a convenience store, not exactly a lot of reassigning to do there.. cant switch jobs yet.. maybe later...

i think maybe with medicine and vitamins i might be able to reduce the pain to a tolerable level, thats why i need help in this area.. thanx again everyone you are so helpful and understand more then most, my boss said if i lost weight it would go away (shes not very smart i guess) i tried to explain it to her, she didnt get it

Re: whoops double post disregard this one

Chris A on 6/16/03 at 23:02 (122067)

sorry bout that