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my doctor visit today..

Posted by Chris A on 6/16/03 at 23:02 (122066)

went to my doctor today, they taped up my feet, it didnt do much, i didnt get a chance to talk to my doctor, he came in and left as quick as possible (i think they are getting tired of me lol) you guys are smarter then him anyway, probably at least more experienced...

ok heres my new list of needs.. what medicine (over the counter and prescription) that can help with our condition? what about vitamins? birkenstock sandals sound promising, i might try those, bought compression socks, will try those tomorrow.. i cant get reassigned, i work at a convenience store, not exactly a lot of reassigning to do there.. cant switch jobs yet.. maybe later...

i think maybe with medicine and vitamins i might be able to reduce the pain to a tolerable level, thats why i need help in this area.. thanx again everyone you are so helpful and understand more then most, my boss said if i lost weight it would go away (shes not very smart i guess) i tried to explain it to her, she didnt get it.


Re: my doctor visit today..

Sharon W on 6/17/03 at 07:18 (122081)


Try alpha lipoic acid -- it is available in most drugstore 'herbal' sections these days, although it is a supplement, not an herb. A major research study recently showed that people with nerve problems can definitely be helped by it. Another thing that can help is taking a B-vitamin supplement in addition to your usual daily multivitamins, and perhaps a specific B-12 supplement as well, unless you can find the form of B-complex that already has extra B-12 in it. There are several B-vitamin deficiencies that can cause nerve problems, and some doctors routinely supplement B-12, in particular; it will help and can't hurt.

For pain, I've found devil's claw capsules quite effective -- but be careful to take it only at night, at least in the beginning, because it has sedative properties.

Other over-the-counter things that can help relieve pain include a couple of rub-on creams -- capsicain cream, or ibuprofen cream. (Many doctors suggest you take Advil or Motrin or Aleve to reduce inflammation; the ibuprofen cream is used for the same reason, but is supposed to soak in through the skin and help reduce inflammation without upsetting your stomach.) I've found a gel called 'Bio-freeze' is useful if I rub it on before doing my stretches, but its effect doesn't last very long.

I hope this is helpful.


Re: my doctor visit today..

lauriel on 6/17/03 at 10:28 (122098)

Chris, can you get maybe one of those rolling metal stools to sit on while you are behind the counter to keep you off your feet some? Everyone has given good recommendations, hope you can find relief in some of the suggestions.
Good luck

Re: Oops, Chris...

Sharon W on 6/17/03 at 11:42 (122108)

I meant to say that a B12 supplement 'MAY help, and can't hurt'.


Re: my doctor visit today..

marie on 6/17/03 at 12:40 (122116)

B12 is a good vitamin to start with. Have you had blood tests that show any vitamin deficencies? Consider getting a few if you can afford them.

I take the following: Vitamin C (helps with tendon pain), Glucosamine and MSM (helps strengthen tendons you'll need to take it for a while before you notice any results), Magnesium (many chronic pain sufferers take magnesium...it is not always detected in blood tests) and I take a multi-vitaman...I like kids chewables...I figure I deserve a treat.

I wear men's support socks most days, I have a couple pairs of over the counter compression socks and wear them often at the end of the weak when my legs are at their worst. I love my Birkenstocks! I don't think I'd be able to function wothout them. They are worth what you spend on them.
I also use a progesterone cream on my ankles, calves and knees. It can be purchased at Walmart in the vitamin section. I am an early menopauser so I thought I'd give it a try and it definately made a difference in the swelling. Some folks use an ibuprofen cream. I haven't tried it because the progestrone cream worked so well for me. Also a product that a massage theropist said helped her tts patients was bio-freeze. Someone on the board here said it was similar to bengay....

Prescription: I take 900 mg of neurontin daily...it's not for everyone. It is fairly expensive if you don't have a perscription drug card. Simply, Neurontin is an epileptic medication that helps the nerves make better connections. I take 40 mg of elavil. Small does of this anti-depressant have helped many of us. It is fairly inexpensive. It helps your brain reduce the amount of pain signals from your brain to your feet. It has made a world of difference in my life.

These are very simple answers to your questions. You may want to do more research before you begin taking anything. Sharon always has wonderful suggestions. It is important that you take this seriously....it may take a long time to get better. The healing process is like having a second job. Stick with it Chris...we have all been there.

odios, marie