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Contrast Bathing

Posted by IanJ on 6/17/03 at 01:03 (122076)

No one here seems to talk about contrast bathing. I have had good success with conservative treatment of my PF (non-load bearing stretching, SuperFeet, NB shoes...) But I really think my better feet are due to contrast bathing (still not 100% but much better, able to walk with no pain). I understand this should not be done early on with PF injuries but later for chronic PF.

Two basins of water, one lukewarm, one very very icecold. I bought some cheap rubbermaid containers from Target.

The lukewarm water should not be hotter than 95 degrees F.

For the icecold water I buy a bag of ice from the grocery store, empty the whole bag into the basin then fill it with cold water. The colder the better. The coldness should hurt.

It's 3 minutes warm, 1 minute cold, 4x for a total of 16 minutes, finishing with cold. I try to do it everynight, 2x on weekend days.


Re: Contrast Bathing

Mar on 6/17/03 at 07:41 (122085)

This was very helpful for the burning that I would occasionally get. A few contrast baths and the burning would subside. Mar