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For Ed and Scott

Posted by marie on 6/17/03 at 14:18 (122133)

I hope that these issues can be resolved. We certainly have a need to bump certain posts off the board and perhaps eliinate entire threads. I see that john has finally stepped up to the task. Which I very much appreciate.

Ed, take care my conservative friend. You and I certainly do not share the same ideolgies but if I lived in Seattle you'd be my doctor. Yes sometimes your messages get a little excitable but you have been there for me at my worst and for that I am grateful. I learned a great deal about real caring here at this board. And you and Dr. Z have been there to answer our questions and guide us on our medical journey.

Scott, is is certainly your board and certainly your decision as to block or remove posters. I am sorry that we have become such a pain in the butt. Thanks for maintaining this site.