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post op recovery Haglunds

Posted by Rebecca P on 6/17/03 at 20:56 (122180)

In March I had a (achille's area) spur and haglund's deformity surgery on right foot. Since surgery the area has been hypersensitive to any touch. My Dr. I don't feel truly believes how sensitive it is, but to wear socks is painful, for pant legs to touch area is painful and irritating. There are still areas that if I touch set off a burning sensation that goes around outside of foot and into ankle. The foot still swells when on feet very long and taking a walk more than about 15-20 is just downright painful in the heel and ankle. I have gone to PT for exercises and attend water PT classes as well. I also swim daily which even the pool water some days makes area sting and burn. How much longer can I expect these sensations to occur? There is still alot of redness and swelling right over surgical area as well. When not working I keep foot elevated and iced several times a day. Motrin does little and I can not take vioxx, at night I often still require T3's to calm area enough to sleep, heaven forbid area should touch sheets. I can not wear shoes that cover area, but am limited to berkenstocks or other shoes with open backs.

Re: post op recovery Haglunds

Dr. Z on 6/17/03 at 21:20 (122181)


The type of tendon and bone surgery that have gone thru can take up to one year to get better. Sometimes a nerve can be trapped or damaged. Not sure where the incision was made but it is possible with this type of surgery. In most cases this areas does in fact take up to one year to get better. There is alot of swelling after this surgery. I would discuss your concerns with your doctor. Ask him if the sural nerve could be trapped