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A report on some helpful stuff

Posted by Dorothy on 6/17/03 at 22:42 (122189)

I just wanted to share a few things that I have tried recently that seem to have been newly helpful (in addition to Foot Trainers, Dansko and such..)
I bought an infrared heater/massager at WalMart for under $10.00. It can be used as heat only, massage only or combination. I alternated using this with icing (bag of flexible corn kernels) and a more focused massage with a chilled 'prana' type of ball (not hard, not soft; kind of semi-hard, semi-flexible; got it at QVC - called Wilson Thermal ball) on 'trigger points' and then back to heat and/or massage. This seemed to be pretty effective based on how things felt in the morning.
Second, I want to again recommend a shoe + insole combination that I have been using as part of my 'shoe rotation'. I mentioned this once before but it is very comfortable and not so expensive and so I want others to be aware of it. The shoe is called 'Klogs' and is sold at http://www.footsmart.com . They had it on sale when I bought it and it may still be. It comes in a variety of sizes and widths and colors. It is waterproof. It does warm up the feet so I don't think they would be good to wear ALL the time for that reason, but they are very comfortable to slip into - and could be worn in the shower, too or poolside. They come with a very comfortable removable insole, but I took it out to try the PowerStep in it instead. Well, this is a great combination and feels so very comfy on the sore feet. The Klogs from footsmart and the PowerStep (heelspurs or footsmart) are a mighty fine combination. So: HoMedics Infrared Massager (by the way, it has a flexible neck to reach better);
bag of frozen but flexible corn kernels (or vegetable of your choice); cold massage ball; Klogs shoes with PowerStep insoles; optimism and try-try-again attitude.
Keep trying ~
Dorothy's feet