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A new doctor's opinion and More therapy

Posted by Linda on 6/18/03 at 05:44 (122199)

I went for a second opinion this monday,and the podiatrist i saw told me the doctor i have been going to is an excellent doctor. The only thing he said is that the orthotics he made me don't have enough support,and they are too flexible,so I am paying $375 for a new pair.
Are orthotics really worth it? Why won't insurance companies cover them?
You always need half the cost up front and the balance when delivered.
I am back in physical therapy,which i started Tuesday. The therapist said i have good range of motion,but a lot of swelling. I almost died when he pressed my tibias on both legs. I am going to have ultrasound,ems,whirlpool, taping, and massages again. I have been doing physical therapy on my feet for 11 yrs on and off now. As soon as i stop my feet kill a few weeks later. Why? Why do they only feel good in therapy?
I was told that Eswt wasn't a good idea because of my history. Why? I wanted to try it.
I thought going to another city would be different,but i guess not.

Re: A new doctor's opinion and More therapy

Dr. Z on 6/18/03 at 07:16 (122204)


So all of your pain is in the area that we typically call shin splints and not your feet. Has any one told you that you may have stress fractures in that area. Shin Splints are where your anterior tibial tendon is stressed and may even pull off the bone in small areas causing small micro-fractures. May be able to guild you better with more information

Re: A new doctor's opinion and More therapy

Linda on 6/18/03 at 14:29 (122255)

The new podiatrist i went to went over my surgical notes,and the other charts,and said that he thinks i might have some nerve damage. My pain is in the back of my calves at my posterior tibial tendon. I also have flat feet. For the first time since wearing orthotics,the new podiatrist did a cast of my foot. I have never had this done before. My old podiatrist just had me stand on this hot orthotic,and molded it to my foot.
I have had fascia release in my right foot twice. I also had my sesmoid bone removed from my right,as well as a bone spur,and I had Tarsal tunnel release in that foot.
In my left foot,i've had tarsal tunnel release,and fascia release. I had a bacterial infection in my left foot following surgery.
I have been wearing orthotics since i was 18,and i am almost 41 now. I wear night splints on both feet, and i have been keeping up with my stretches.
Noone has ever mentioned stress fractures,or shin splints. The doctor said when my new orthotics come back in 2 weeks,they should help. If they don't, should i maybe see an orthopedic surgeon about my shins?
I just want to get better, and nothing is working.
The podiatrist told me he doesn't recommend eswt because of my tarsal tunnel release.

Re: A new doctor's opinion and More therapy

Dr. Z on 6/18/03 at 20:37 (122298)

Lets see how your new orthosis help your legs and feet. May need to have either an mri or bone scan if your pain continues after a new trial period for your new orthosis