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Bone spurs, pain, cracking & popping of foot

Posted by SHARON S on 6/18/03 at 10:07 (122228)

I have R.A. and the past 3 months I have been diagnoised with bone spurs in my right foot. I have had 2 cortizone shots in the ankle and that has helped with the pain. However, the pain comes back. When I walk my foot pops and cracks ( I have spurs on the bottom of the heel, the back of my heel, the front of my ankle and on the side of my big toe). I am probably about 15lbs overweight and am trying to lose this. I work at a job where I am at a desk job, but up and around alot helping people. I have talked to my R.A. Dr. and he said he would only do one more injection in my foot and then possibly need to look into a brace or surgery. Would surgery be a better way since I have so many spurs in that one foot? Thank you.