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Cramp in Plantar Fascia

Posted by Jo A on 6/19/03 at 04:19 (122321)

I have had planta fascitis for a year or so and whilst it is getting much better recently i have been getting severe cramp / or spasm down the plantar fascia - it is agony - my big toe moves upwards and to one side away from the other toes & the whole foot arches. I can't seem to find anything to get rid of it other than holding the foot until it passes the initial agnoy stage and then wigglying the toes and massaging the planta fascia. Nothing in particular brings it on - it has happened whilst swimming, standing and sitting. The whole muscle feels very tender for a couple of hours after each spasm.

Has anyone else come across this and got tips on how to awoid it / deal with the pain quicker

Re: Cramp in Plantar Fascia

Mahatmelissama on 6/20/03 at 18:22 (122477)

Since no doctor answered this, I will just let you know that I have experienced that too exactly as you described.

I would get cramp attacks in the middle of dancing, swimming, standing walking....

It took me years to get help. I hope you do not wait like I did...the PF gets more and more irritated and your tendons/muscles up your legs get affected.