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Baseball and Volleyball aggravate Heel Spurs?

Posted by NickyP on 6/19/03 at 13:47 (122357)


I work at at job where I stand for an hour at at time and then rest for 20 minutes. I have orthotic shoes and stand on a padded mat which is on reinforced carpet. I play beach volleyball once a week and baseball twice a week.

I have been diagnosed with heel spurs. I don't seem to be getting any better.

Is the volleyball and baseball aggravating my condition?

Should I discontinue these activities if I hope to get any better?

Thank you in advance for your advice.


Re: Baseball and Volleyball aggravate Heel Spurs?

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/19/03 at 15:48 (122376)


What do you mean by 'orthotic shoes?' Baseball cleats don't provide much protection for the heel. Read Scott's Heel Pain Book to make sure that you are getting the entire gamut of treatment for your problem.


Re: Baseball and Volleyball aggravate Heel Spurs?

Dr. Z on 6/19/03 at 15:52 (122378)


Heel spur/plantar fasciitis pain is due to repetitive use of your feet . Sports such as baseball and volleyball can aggravate the healing process if your are pounding your feet. Very important to get an in person evaluation to see at what stage of injury your feet are . Early effective treatment is very important to get your feet better quickly

Re: Baseball and Volleyball aggravate Heel Spurs?

JoAnn M on 6/20/03 at 09:19 (122427)

Nicky,I just had to ask,are you a dealer?standing for one hour,break for 20 minutes sounds awfully familiar?

Re: Baseball and Volleyball aggravate Heel Spurs?

JudyS on 6/20/03 at 13:30 (122453)

Nicky, I'm not a doctor and I see that our 'resident' docs have already responded to your question.
But I wanted to add this; like you, I am a baseball player and a beach vollyball player and I can tell you without question that both only make the problem worse. ESPECIALLY the beach volleyball. I've gone back to playing a little OTL lately and I can tell immediately that it's hard on a PF foot.
I made the huge mistake of continuing to play a lot of ball, plus running, for a good year in to my PF diagnosis. And believe me, that was a huge mistake. I kept expecting it to go away on its own but all it did was get much, much worse.
I'd advise, for the time being, that if you have to pick a sport, make it baseball. Play a little more infrequently, fewer innings. And find some quality inserts (not necessarily custom), like Superfeet, to put in your cleats. Cleats are very poorly built and pretty tough on PF. I also know of a particular brand of cleats that are far, far better quality but not a name we'd recognize. I'll see if I can dig up that information for you.
Last, check out the methods of conservative treatments (stretching, icing, etc) that are here in Scott's PF book and do them religiously - they'll go a long way in helping your feet heal sooner but you have to be committed to them.