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ESWT used on horses?!

Posted by Abby on 6/19/03 at 19:36 (122397)

Ok I read in Horse and Rider that this prosedure was capable for horses. Has anyone else heard this or am I out in the open?

If any one is interested why I am posting this is because my mom has been looking to get her horse who has been lame(not being able to be ridden) for like 6 years and just today we had the farrier out and he wasn't able to trim her feet with out her trying to put her foot down and she kept saying that she was going to have her put to sleep and I don't want this because she has had her for 8yrs and this is a heart wrenching thing. So if anyone can PLEASE help me with this I would really apperciate it


Re: ESWT used on horses?!

Scott D. on 6/19/03 at 19:50 (122398)


Check out http://www.eswt.net



BGCPed on 6/19/03 at 19:58 (122399)

Equine Drug Administration?

Re: ESWT used on horses?!

Abby on 6/19/03 at 22:26 (122408)

Thanks I have already looked there and if you have any more suggestions I would be happy to here them THANKS SO MUCH!


Re: Better medical care for horses than for people -- what a country!

Phil on 6/19/03 at 23:09 (122411)

The unit for horses appears more advanced than any of the ones approved for human use. And.. it can be used on any part of the horses body where it is needed. What a country!

Re: ESWT used on horses?!

Scott D. on 6/20/03 at 06:03 (122417)


This site/company is run by one of the people at Storz. His name is Gerhard and he is excellent! I couldn't remember the site name yesterday..


Re: Better medical care for horses than for people -- what a country!

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/20/03 at 13:31 (122454)


I would be curious to know what the fees are for ESWT on horses. I think people will be amazed.

The public, I feel, really does not understand what the cost of the bureaucratic mess and liability has done to medical care in the US. The cost of medical care is being priced out of reach of many because of that problem. Doctors are just as frustrated as patients when we cannot get patients the care that they need due to costs.


Re: Better medical care for horses than for people -- what a country!

elliott on 6/20/03 at 14:44 (122463)

Well, in Australia the fee for horses is only $300-$600:


Do a find on 'cost' to bring it up.


Re: Better medical care for horses than for people -- what a country!

john h on 6/20/03 at 19:33 (122488)

Elliott I think the fee for people in Australia with the Epos Ultra is well under $100 per treatment. Allan is a provider and posted here often a year or so ago. I still have his email address. I am thinking it was something like $50 as I often joked with Allan that I could fly to Australia and get 3 treatments on both feet almost as cheap as I could do the procedure here.