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Plantar Spur

Posted by Sharon H on 6/20/03 at 10:31 (122432)

For the past 3-4 days I have been experiencing pain on my inside ankle. The pain comes and goes. I just had an X-ray this morning and they tell me I have Plantar Spurs. I wear orthodics in my shoes for the past 6-8 years and was told back then, that I had heel spurs, but the orthodics would help and they have. Would this Plantar Spur cause 'shooting pain' starting at my ankle and going up my leg maybe 3-4 inches? I'm afraid there may be something else causing this pain and the 'spur' just showed up in the x-ray and they have been there for years. My family doctor thought there could be a stress fracture, but might not show up in the x-ray. I'm thinking there is a fracture that is causing this pain. I am acheduled to see a foot and ankle specialist next week. What are your thoughts???
Thank you.