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Had RFL Today!!!

Posted by monte on 6/20/03 at 18:23 (122479)

Well.....I know alot of you are waiting to hear from me. First off, thank you for the kind words and for thinking about me.

I am going to have to report to you in stages....sort of like ESWT, the effects can take a while to be total felt. But not as long....about 2 weeks.

The surgical center staff were a class act...they were so caring and polite and made me feel really comfortable.

Dr Cozzarelli is great....he takes time to listen and educate.

Here goes....They wheeled me into the OR and strapped me onto a table and then fed the IV sedation into my arm....Again...they all made sure I was comfortable and not scared.

Then I was out....and woke up in recovery about and hour or so later.

I think Dr Cozz treated about 8 'HOT SPOTS' on each foot....from the heels up to the middle of the feet. It is hard to work in the center of the arch as you get closer to the toes, due to the muscle structure there. But anywhere on the heels is no problem.

Dr Cozz checked all the spots that I had marked to make sure pain was there and then drew his marks.

Some of the needles go in straight and some can go in on an angle for areas such as where the medial nerve has branches. (Please forgive me for not know all the right terms). When a spot is treated, a small amount of anesthetic is injected there for when you wake up.

I will tell you with all honesty....I am in alot of pain right now. I cannot even place my feet on the floor. The doctor said that I will be sore and tender, but it should subside in a day so. I have Ultrams for the pain and have taken 2 so far....in halves...probably should just take them whole.

But...I am just going to lay on the couch with my feet elevated as I have been doing since I got home.

I may ice them later...BUT NO HEAT....the doctor stressed that.

The procedure itself went off without a hitch or any discomfort.

But let's face it, I DID have needles placed into the bottoms of my feet in many spots and then heated to 180 degress and also needles to kill some pain.....SO I do expect to feel very tender and sore....

But I now can look forward to potential pain reduction.

I will try to answer any questions and will report all my progress.

Dr Cozz said that this should lower the pain level and le the healing process be more comfortable.....But still, no barefoot, orthotics (if you wear them), night splints, etc.

Mar and John.....you two might be next? I will not sugar coat any of the sensations that I feel. The end result is the most important part.

P.S. John...If this does work, then you should get great resluts since you only have one pain spot and not overall pain like me.

Stay tuned!

Re: Had RFL Today!!!

Suzanne D on 6/20/03 at 19:25 (122484)

Monte, I don't think we've ever corresponded on this board, but I just wanted to say that I've read many of your posts and appreciate your positive attitude and the appreciation you've always shown to everyone. I read tonight to see how your treatment went, and I want to just say I hope it works for you and thanks for keeping us updated.

Best wishes,
Suzanne :)

Re: Had RFL Today!!!

john h on 6/20/03 at 19:27 (122485)

Monte: I bet you are glad this is behind you and hope this will get you back to normal. I like the part about being totally out if they are going to put hot needles in you feet. Were your feet still numb when you left the hospital? Looking forward to hear about your recovery. Way to go Monte,

Re: Had RFL Today!!!

Carole C in NOLA on 6/20/03 at 19:43 (122490)

Best of luck to you, Monte! I hope you have a rapid recovery and great results. :)

Carole C

Re: Had RFL Today!!!

BrianJ on 6/20/03 at 19:53 (122491)

Monte --

You are THE MAN! I love the thought of beating back some of that PF pain by scorching the nerve endings until they beg for mercy. Two weeks from now, I hope you can report great results. If so, we'll all be filling up Dr. Cozz's dance card in the coming months. Good luck!

Re: Had RFL Today!!!

monte on 6/20/03 at 20:03 (122493)

I took a walk to the bathroom and WOW...tender! It is so nice to have so many peopl ethinking about me and wishing me well. I know this new for all of us and I really hope it works to any degree so that it can be another form of pain relief for all.

Being asleep for it was a blessing....the time that passee felt like 5 seconds...really.

I have had elbow, knee and appendix surgery in the past two years and stillnothing compares to PF....I get so overhelmed by the power of this problem. I bet they could find Bin Laden and Sadam if they had this problem.

P.S. I already told Dr Cozz to expect lots of calls if this thing works.

Did I mention that this can be done again? Maybe get 8 more spots done.

Dr Cozz told me that the process will not leave the feet feeling numb...but if you rub your finger over the spots...there is no sensation of pain.

I am going to ask Dr Cozz to do a write up for the board.

I will write more tomorrow.


Re: Had RFL Today!!!

Dr. Z on 6/20/03 at 21:21 (122498)

Good luck. I hope for the best.

Re: Had RFL Today!!!

Rachael T. on 6/20/03 at 22:21 (122502)

Looked forward to your post when I logged online tonight! I am psyched for your improvement & for your relief from PF pain!
Of course, I am anxious to hear any positive results - for all of our 'future prospective Dr. C. dates!' Thanks Monte for your input & good luck wishes to you w/ this new procedure!

Re: Had RFL Today!!!

Mar on 6/21/03 at 07:20 (122517)

Monte -

Just missed your post last evening and was so glad to find you here this morning :-) Thanks for the email also. I'm so excited for you and hope that each day brings you closer to reduced pain. Yes, I may be next on the list. Hope today is less painful than yesterday. Keep healing and be well -- Mar

Re: Had RFL Today!!!

BevN. on 6/21/03 at 09:10 (122529)

I too do not respond much on the board but I have read with great interest all of your posts and have learned a lot, and I appreciate all of your information. I do wish you the very best with this new treatment.I have read about it and wondered how it worked, so now we will have first hand knowledge of it. I saw some relatives at the hospital yesterday as a relative was taken in by ambulance, and they said 'I heard you were off work, you don't look like there is anything wrong with you , and they just went on & on & on , till I wanted to hit them :) . They can not 'SEE' this problem so to them we are 'just great'. I was using a cane and they thought I was looking for sympathy :( Oh well, that's life. You have a restfull day, Monte and you are in my prayers. :) Bev

Re: Had RFL Today!!!-BEV

Mahatmelissama on 6/21/03 at 13:59 (122554)

With relatives like that, who needs enemies!
Not much you can do except IGNORE THEM. God help
them if they end up with something comparable to

Re: Had RFL Today!!!-BEV

monte on 6/21/03 at 16:48 (122574)

Hi all....my treatment spots are a little lsee tender today....Dr Cozz called me to check on me and told me to try to distinquish between the tratment pain and the PF pain. I am trying and I THINK I feel something different. I will not comment yet...until I know for sure what i feel.

Also....please go to the 'Rate your doctor' section and look under positive comments and read what a woman named Candace wrote about Dr Cozz and her 2 year PF problem and the relief that she got with RFL....very encouraging to read.


Re: Had RFL Today!!!

JudyS on 6/21/03 at 17:06 (122575)

Thanks, Monte, for your update here. I've tried to email you a couple of times since yesterday but for some strange reason my email won't 'send' anything right now. Hope you know that I'm thinking about you and anxious to stay aware of your progress.

Re: Had RFL Today!!!

JudyS on 6/21/03 at 17:08 (122577)

Oh com'on John - surely a macho man such as yourself wouldn't need an anesthetic just for a few dozen needle punctures......:)

Re: Had RFL Today!!!

JudyS on 6/21/03 at 17:23 (122580)

Oh gosh Bev - what a bummer! I think we can all say that we've had exactly the same experience as you - there seems to be 'one in every PF family'.

Re: Had RFL Today!!!

john h on 6/22/03 at 10:07 (122604)

Judy just the thought of a dozen needles (hot) going straight into the bottom of my feet give me the willys. Mean time my cat is on my black list for tripping me yesterday and my toe feel like a dozen hot needles went into it last night. Mary is yelling at me to go brush the cat as I type. I am going to brush him with a broom. The downside of wearing birks is that you can stub you toe if you are not careful..

Re: Had RFL Today!!!-BEV

john h on 6/22/03 at 10:08 (122605)

Monte I think I just developed some sympathy pains for you.

Re: Had RFL Today!!!-BEV

monte on 6/22/03 at 10:13 (122606)

Hey John....Ouch....sounds painful.

Hi Judy...nice to hear from you...I was thinking about you too. My calming voice.

I am still sore today....mostly in the arch areas. It is painful to bend my toes back. There must be inflammation from the probe, the heat and the injection of anesthesia into the 8 spots on each foot.

Some of the spots don't hurt as much....it is getting better day by day. I THINK I feel a difference since before the treatment....but I will tell you all when I know for sure.

Thanks all.

Re: Had RFL Today!!!-BEV

BrianG on 6/22/03 at 20:23 (122638)

Hi Monte,

Good luck with the healing. I bet you know what I'm going to suggest Take the whole Ultrams, if your still in a lot of pain. You can still stay off your feet, but why suffer if you don't need to! I asked my family doc if he heard of RFL, he didn't. I hope this is another way that we can find some relief from the pain.


Re: Had RFL Today!!!-BEV

Lauren M on 6/25/03 at 11:19 (122899)

I wrote in a while ago about RFL after seeing doctor Coz. Monte, can you tell me how RFL treats the problem not just the pain. I am a bit sceptical because I feel that although the pain may subside, the problem is still there and may affect other areas of my foot since the PF isn't being treated, but the pain is. I am considering doing it in the foot that I had heal spur surgery on too clear up the pain from the scar tissue, but my other foot still has PF w/heal spurs, and I don;t understnad hoe RFL can reall clear up the problem in that foot.

Can I ask you also if this procedure was convered by insurance? I called doctor Coz's office and they said it was fully covered by my out of network benefits, but I saw on this sight recently that it isn't fully covered.

I truly hope you get relief, you sound like a sweet man. Thank you so much for unforming us all about your experience. Best of luck.

Lauren : )

Re: Had RFL Today!!!-BEV

monte on 6/25/03 at 12:26 (122909)

Lauren...You called me a sweet man....thank you...made me blush.

I was getting ready to post another update today.

My right heel feels very good....definite reduction in pain when standing....very good! The left is good too....but not as good yet.

My arches still hurt due to the fact that there is more muscle up in that area of the than the heel and the Dr had to insert the needles into there. I have some bruises but they are calming down. My toes are bending better too. The pain in the arches does not feel like my PF pain...it is surgical pain and is passing with time and rest.

I think that I am going to feel pretty good when it all passes. I even stood still on an escalator today...that is pretty good.

As far as coverage....MY coverage covered everything except the surgical center. Other plans will cover it all.

Even though the pain is taken care of, the problem will still exsist, but you can heal in more comfort....that can help mentally too.

I still have to wear shoes or sneakers all the time, never go barefoot, wear my insoles, stretch, etc. All the things we do all time can now be done in less pain. If you couldn't run before the RFL....you don't run after it.

You have to still monitor your healing and keep doint the things that help you.

It is like putting Ambesol on a bad tooth, when the pain is eased, would you still chew with that tooth? No.

P.S. Dr Cozzarelli personally called me 2 times and his office called once to see how I am doing. He eve called me on Saturday. They care..they really do.

Re: Had RFL Today!!!-BEV

Suzanne D on 6/25/03 at 20:27 (122950)

Glad to hear you're feeling improvement, Monte! =D>

Suzanne :)

Re: Had RFL Today!!!-BEV

monte on 6/25/03 at 21:52 (122958)

Thanks.. The arches still hurt but are getting better each day from the surgical pain.

I am going back to see the doctor next wednesday to evaluate my walk and a total check up. Then my feet will be monitored via ultrasound to check the inflammation readings over time to watch if the PF heals.

I still have PF and will have PF pain...it will not all be gone, but I can go for the treatment again if I choose.

As I always repeat, proper care is still important .... the PF is not gone.

But this should be just like taking medication to relieve pain.