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does pf effect the sciatica?

Posted by Holly L. on 6/20/03 at 23:04 (122505)

I have pf and a heel spur from an injury 1 year ago I am starting to get a tingling and burning sensation up the back of my leg and in my buttocks, can pf give nerve damage when left untreated?

Re: does pf effect the sciatica?

Dorothy on 6/21/03 at 01:24 (122511)

Holly L. ~
I have wondered about the reverse of what you are asking and that is, whether sciatica CAUSES at least some cases of PF. I am aware of there being a connection from subjective observations.
It seems that we all have to think on a cellular, neurological or other very deep level about our systems with PF and it is not easy!
I will be interested in any discussions about these nerve involvement questions - and what might be helpful.
Best wishes ~

Re: does pf effect the sciatica?

Dr. Z on 6/21/03 at 07:41 (122520)

Hi Holly

Compensation from the pain can cause leg, hip and lower back pain. In addition you can develop TTS, which is a nerve entrapment of the posterior tibial nerve. This why it is important to get early effective treatment. Plantar fasciitis can and does cause secondary problem. Reading the heel pain book is very helpful, but seeing a doctor is important