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Posted by Dan on 6/21/03 at 00:54 (122507)

I started suffering last July while training for a marathon. I stopped running and haven't run since. I bought DynaSteps and wore running shoes. The pain mostly went away after a couple of months, except for the occassional twinge. Lately, I started wearing dress shoes to work, also with DynaStep inserts. The pain started again a few weeks ago, and I have worn running shoes with inserts every day since. The pain seems to be worse the more I walk. I also suspect driving a car is exacerbating it

But oddly, it usually doesn't hurt in the morning. (It didn't last time either). It usually comes on around 2 p.m. when I'm sitting at my desk, and sometimes at night soon after I get into bed. Last time around, the pain 'moved around' my foot, from heel to ball, and it does this time too, but it's mostly in the arch. About midfoot. The pain, when in my arch, is burning, and sort of throbbing. And it comes and goes, lasting usually for only a few minutes at a time. The first time, it was mostly in the heel, but moved all over. This time, it's mostly the arch, occassionally hitting near the ball

Does this tell you anything that might help in my treatment? Does the lack of morning pain mean anything? does it mean I may not be helped much by a night splint? Does it sound like tts?

Re: TTS?

Mary Y on 6/21/03 at 03:47 (122513)


I am not a physician. But you may want to have an emg/ncv test done. See a podiatrist for help. Ask the doctor whether or not a nerve conduction velocity test would be appropriate. Hope this helps.

Re: TTS?

Sharon W on 6/21/03 at 08:18 (122525)


Mary gave you good advice. See a physiatrist, or a neurologist, and get NCV/EMG tests done to find out if your nerves in the area are working the way they should.

The lack of morning pain doesn't GUARANTEE that what you're experiencing is something other than PF, but it probably makes it more likely.

It's not clear to me exactly what you mean when you say your pain is 'moving around' from heel to ball -- whether you mean gradual changes in the places where it hurts, or you mean from one moment to the next. If you are talking about 'shooting' or 'radiating' pain, where you can feel it quickly moving from one place to the next, that does sound typical of TTS. And people with TTS do sometimes have pain that is mostly in the arch.


Re: TTS?

Dan on 6/21/03 at 08:37 (122527)

thanks! yes, it moves around over time. It's doing that less this time than last time, though. Last time, it would be in the heel, and an hour later in the arch. This time, it's most often in the arch.

Also, I notice that when i'm laying in bed I cross my legs, the pressure on my calf seems cause a bit of pain in my foot.