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Thanks Justin - following up on thyroid, H2O retention...

Posted by lara t on 6/21/03 at 08:01 (122523)

Thank-you Justin. AFter have settled in to a nice life (without sports) I've stayed tuned to this board in case anything ever 'popped up'. Well, this thyroid thing is something I never heard of and may be at least a partial answer for me. I have an extensive family history of thyroid problems, and I have several reasons to think water retention is sigificant in my tarsal tunnel syndrome.

I made an appointment to talk to my doctor, and sent sent her a bunch of articles (gathered from several sources) re: TTS & thyroid, inaccuracy of some thyroid tests, adrenal insufficiency. I have tested normal for thyroid (1.2) - I assume that's a TSH blood test.

These are the things I am doing, with comments. I'd appreciate any additional thoughts someone has on 1) things to try and 2) things to address with the doctor.

1. I'm doing exercises for my knee which require putting my ankle in a greater than 90% angle). This seems to do similar things to what the PT tried, so I have suspicions that this may open up the tarsal tunnel area - not much, but enough for some additional relief.

2. I started taking magnesium - yesterday. How long till that might help? What does magnesium do?

3. There's always my magic compression socks (most of you have heard me talk about those).

1. AFter my feet being better than they had for a long time I went to a very good, casual, Mexican restaurant, and salted the homemade chips (they were VERY good!) - a lot. Since then my feet have been significantly worse (they haven't burned when I went to bed for several weeks, now they do again). I would have thought I got rid of any extra water from the dinner (a week ago), so not sure if something else might be involved.

2. I've started swimming to help my back. The first day I did 2 laps, next day 4 laps, next day 6 laps. Today it's 8 laps (this jsut to indicate that the amount of swimming is not that great). Swimming places the foot in the extension position (during freestyle anyway, which is the stroke the PT said to do for my back/shoulders). If the effects of the salt have gone away, then maybe this is doing it. I've believed for quite a while now that it is the 'flexing' (not flexion position) of walking that most aggravates my TTS. HOwever, 6 laps doesn't seem to me to be enough to cause problems - plus I've been trying to minimize how much flutter kick I actually do. My shoulders aren't yet strong enough to just let my feet drag, but I do underwater very slow 'kicks' - sort of like the long distance swimmers.

1. I'd like to know more about alpha lipoic acid. I'm a little leary, sounds like one of the herbal infomercials solutions - but it came from a very reliable source so I'm willing to consider it further.

1. Free T3 & T4 test?
2. trying thyroid even if my tests are normal (I'm a little leary of playing with hormones)
3. trying an antidiuretic (one doctor once told me the side effects were worse than the disease, but he was also the most arrogant doctor I have encountered who probably doesn't do a lot of collaborating with patients).

Anyone have any other comments, suggestions, questions, avenues for the doctor and me to consider?

Re: Thanks Justin - following up on thyroid, H2O retention...

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/21/03 at 11:30 (122540)


Hypothyroidism can be a cause of TTS. It can also be a cause of peripheral neuropathy unto itself -- has that been checked? I have several patients with PN who do better with diuretics.


Re: Thanks Justin - following up on thyroid, H2O retention...

Mahatmelissama on 6/21/03 at 14:04 (122555)

I just got dx'd with Hashimoto's. (My anti-bodies attack my thyroid). My tsh is below 2 (very normal) and I look normal except that my bad cholestrol is going through the roof.

I pushed to see an endo and get treatment, my primary doctor wants to wait it out and see how I do just with my weight loss.

My only advice to you is push push push for treatment and that you can look normal hypo.

I have no water retention right now either but I am very tired a lot and I get achy (another sympton of Hashi's).

Re: Thanks Justin - following up on thyroid, H2O retention...

lara t on 6/21/03 at 14:33 (122561)

Thanks for your comments.

I don't what they would have done to check for peripheral neuropathy, but I was checked for diabetes - negative. And I had an NCV test that showed slowed transmission somewhere that the doctors then interpreted as TTS. I'm assuming maybe it was just one nerve that was slow (that vaguely fits with what I remember, it was several years ago now) - would it be several nerves if it was peripheral neuropathy?

What would I ask for to check for peripheral neuropathy?

Re: Thanks Justin - following up on thyroid, H2O retention...

lara t on 6/21/03 at 14:34 (122562)

Now that I think about it a little more, ARPBT looks like a word ending - although I haven't come up with the word yet - but it's probably out there.

Re: Oops. Wrong board

lara t on 6/21/03 at 15:19 (122563)

Oops. I had two different discussion boards going at the same time. THis is a response I meant to put on my court reporting site (BTW, Court REporting is a great job for someone with TTS).

Re: Thanks Justin - following up on thyroid, H2O retention...

Sharon W on 6/21/03 at 15:24 (122564)


Very few (regular) doctors will even CONSIDER giving you thyroid hormone, unless your TSH is high. Sometimes endocrinologists will do other tests, though, if you LOOK hypothyroid to them. TELL the doctor all about your extensive family history of thyroid problems. Ask him/her to test your 'free T3' and 'free T4', and also to check you for anti-thyroid antibodies (that would detect Hashimoto's, for example).


Re: Thanks Justin - following up on thyroid, H2O retention...

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/23/03 at 22:05 (122771)

A NCV test would be used to look for PN. If the problem was isolated to the post. tib. nerve, then TTS would be probably but if the post. tib. nerve was one of mnay peripheral nerves affected, then PN would be more likely.

Re: Thanks Justin - following up on thyroid, H2O retention...

lara on 6/24/03 at 07:33 (122784)

Thanks for the clarification. I just looked up my notes. I only have abnormal results in the posttibial nerve of both feet - one foot worse than the other.