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Heel bone protrusion at back of foot

Posted by Joyce P on 6/21/03 at 08:08 (122524)

I am 65...........a couple of months ago I experienced electrical tingling around the ankle bone and toward the back.......at that time I then couldnt take a full stride without hurting. Now when geting out of bed or even after sitting for a very short time I have to walk flat footed until it feels better and without pain. i thought had something to do with achilles but lots of stretching helps very little. Above my normal soft heel tissue seems to be a bony protrusion actually making my foot longer than before. :-) Very wierd. It hursts most aroun the outside of the ankle bone, the bony 'new' heel ' is somewhat tender. I can walk without pain and mostly normal after about 3 or 4 min. of pain. Do you have any ideas?

Re: Heel bone protrusion at back of foot

ian l on 6/21/03 at 16:43 (122573)

i have had a similar problem over the past 5 years. i am 64 , and have had to cut off the backs off my running shoes {the left is the problem) last winter i hurt my achiles running in shoes without support and have been in pain since. i have also purchased shoes that are one or two sizes larger than normal thinking that the rubbing has something to do with the pain. jelled heel inserts help. the bump is over the achiles and is tender to the touch i will be x-rayed for 'achiles tendonosis' but the dr. probably means achiles tendonitis ...i will let you know of the results