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working with tss

Posted by cooper on 6/21/03 at 15:53 (122567)

I am being encouraged by my boss to get a note from my dr. stating I can only do standing work for short time. I have been allowed to do a desk job for the past two years because of tss surgery that did not work and then a 2nd surgery 5/03 that does not seem to be working. My concern with getting a letter is that they may say I can not work at full capacity and let me go. Has anyone had any experience with this. I really can't tolerate working on my feet all day or even a part of the day but I don't want to be fired. Has anyone been able to get disability for tss that is not workman comp.

Re: working with tss

marie on 6/23/03 at 16:20 (122736)

This is a list of sites that deal with disability issues. At the bottom is a link to job accomadations network. They will counsel you on your accomadations for free. Nerve entrapments are covered under the ADA....they use carpel tunnel for guidelines.

best wishes to you, marie



U.S. Department of Justice

Americans with Disabilities Act

Department of Labor

Family and Medical Leave Act

National Center on Workforce Disability for Adults

Disability Info

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Top 10 SSA Services

Social Security Online

Vocational Education
(Department of Education)

Americans with Disabilities Act

Centers for Independent Living

Assistive Technology Project

Job Accommodations Network

Re: working with tss

Sharon W on 6/23/03 at 19:54 (122760)

WOW! Marie,

What a great list! I'm going to copy that one...



Re: working with tss

cooper on 6/24/03 at 12:34 (122816)

thank you for the information. I will look into this because I don't want to loose my job I just want some accomadations.

Re: working with tss

BrianG on 6/29/03 at 22:16 (123167)

Hi Cooper,

That is quite a list from Marie, I'm sure it will help you. How bad do you want to keep your job? Do you really think they may want to get rid of you? If so, a lawyer might be your best bet. Understanding all the rules and regs can be very difficult for a lay person, especially one wih pain. If you feel that you cannot work, document everything!!!! You will need it when applying for benefits. I was disabled from PF, and was able to get SSD from the chronic pain. I knew it may come down to SSD, and I documented everything. Also, tell your doctor all your symptoms, and keep him up to date. I really think that it is his report that wil help you the most.

Good luck