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Posted by KELLYL on 6/21/03 at 22:32 (122591)

I used this product to treat my heel pain and it worked!! just passing it along...it is called Actipatch...I got it off the web


Dorothy on 6/22/03 at 00:41 (122592)

KellyL: I read your post about Actipatch and did a search on the web about it, learned that it is a new product and that it is used mostly for promoting healing of wounds. Can you give more description about how you used it and what kind of heel pain you used it for - etc etc.?? Please.
Thank you.


HilaryG on 6/29/03 at 09:15 (123144)

Sounds like Kelly is advertising. I don't see any other posts with her name on them. This product is expensive. Of course if it works who cares. But I'd like to hear from others first.


Dorothy on 6/29/03 at 23:12 (123170)

Expensive particularly because it is of relatively short-term use and then discarded. You are correct, HilaryG., if it works...... but who knows if it does?? And it is an expensive experiment and creates unnecessary waste in the process....
Even so, I also would like to hear from actual and true users.