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No pain in the morning - is it PF?

Posted by MICHELLE M on 6/22/03 at 19:45 (122636)

I was diagnosed with PF 2 years ago in my right foot. When my left foot had similar symptoms, i just assumed i had PF again. But the symptoms are a little different. No pain in the morning at all. After resting, my foot feels great and its only when i walk that the burning pain comes back. Is this typical of PF or is it signs of something else?

thanks for any advice!

also does anyone knwo anything about 'good feet' and whether these work for PF?

Re: No pain in the morning - is it PF?

Dr. John Cozzareli on 6/23/03 at 05:57 (122651)

Hi Michelle:

It can be. As you walk your foot may be pronating and compressing the medial and or calcaneal nerve. If you cup your heel with your handcan you make the pain the occur and if is does it say on the inside of yiur heel or radiate to the outside?

Dr. John Cozzarelli

Re: No pain in the morning - is it PF?

MICHELLE M on 6/23/03 at 10:58 (122676)

my foot isn't really sensitive to touch. when i cup my heel, no pain...
unless i am not doing it correctly. Most of my pain stays on the inside to
middle of the foot with no pain radiating to the outside. mostly it just
burns right in the middle/back of my foot. does this answer your question?


Re: No pain in the morning - is it PF?

Pete on 6/24/03 at 04:59 (122780)


Your symptoms sound exactly like mine, although most of my pain is in the arch itself, both feet. I've tried everything and spent a fortune. Latest diagnosis is not pf but lack of arch support, the resulting orthotics are unbearable on my feet. Not sure what to do now !!

Re: No pain in the morning - is it PF?

MICHELLE M on 6/24/03 at 16:53 (122845)

i am sorry to hear that the orthodics are causing you pain. did you start slowly with them? when i initially got orthodics during my first bout of PF, i had to break them in little by little before they felt comfortable. now i can't go without them. if that still doesn't work, then i am not sure what to tell you. maybe ask to have them refit? good luck with that.

thanks for the tip on 'lack of arch support'. i'll ask about that the next time i see my doctor.

-- michelle