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ATFL reconstrucction : recovery time, scar tissue?

Posted by Rebecca M on 6/22/03 at 22:37 (122644)

I had ATFL reconstruction surgery 6 weeks ago (the dr. used part of the peroneal tendon rather than doing the Brostrom procedure.) I had several other complications, including a maniscoid lesiona and tear in the peroneal tendon. I have been awalking in an air cast for three weeks, with mixed results. It's sometimes very painful in the tendon, which the Dr. attributes to scar tissue. I'm supposed to ditch the air cast and start PT this week.

Has anyone had similar problems with this surgery? Could anyone offer advice ? Has anyone had great success or lack of it with this operation>


Rebecca <

Re: ATFL reconstrucction : recovery time, scar tissue?

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/23/03 at 14:38 (122710)


Did the doctor refer to the procedure as involving a 'free graft?' Using part of the peroneus longus as a free graft to basically create a new ATF and calcaneofibular ligament is becoming more common. It is a fairly big procedure with a long recovery period. How did the peroneal tendon tear?