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fibro question for Kathy or anyone who can help

Posted by Pam S. on 6/23/03 at 23:38 (122776)


I was wondering it you have had back pain with your fibro? Also, do you take Advil etc. on a regular basis for aches and pains. I cannot tolerate Vioxx, Bextra or Celebrex or I feel like I have morning sickness!I know about taking everything on a full tummy.

Believe it or not my feet are a little better lately. Now my upper back is so sore it feels like someone hit me!!! Ever have that type of thing some out of the blue for no apparant reason??? I bet you have. I do alot of stretching. The bath helps. I am open to any other tips. Probably since my feet are not burning so much I am just now NOTICING my back. Right!!!!!

I am not on the boards so much lately because it seems to tire my back and neck. Also, my two girls on on here too much. I am up so late to pick one of them up. Love these summer schedules. Hope all is well with you and your family and to any one else reading this !!!! Warmly, pam

Hope all is well. How are you feeling.

Re: fibro question for Kathy or anyone who can help

BevN. on 6/24/03 at 06:19 (122782)


Do you have a hot tub, or is that not good for fibro? I find that getting in my hot tub is so good for all of my tention and aches and pains and for my poor :(( feet . My hubby also needs it for his back when it acts up on him . The grandchilden just like it to play in as we do not have a regular pool up north here (just a kiddie pool for them) . I also use an infra red heat massager on his back and it helps too , and then rub him with BenGay. I rub his back and he rubs my feet, we surely smell great when we go to bed at night :) How romantic can we get :x . Well, not much help on fibro I guess, just thought I would say 'HI' and have a nice day. :) Bev

Re: fibro question for Kathy or anyone who can help

marie on 6/24/03 at 08:01 (122789)

Elavil helps with fibro. Also flexaril has helped many.


Here is a link to the FM and CFS message boards. These folks are very informative.

Best wishes to you and your back, marie

Re: fibro question for Kathy or anyone who can help

Kathy G on 6/24/03 at 09:45 (122799)

Hi Pam,

Yes, it's wonderful to have your kids home from school but they remain on 'college time' or adopt it shortly before they go away to school. Their day and night schedule is very different from ours! My daughter came home for the weekend and left to go to a party at 11PM! Her friend who came to pick her up said her mother would stay up until she got home. Not me! I must be a bad mother but my attitude is that she's 22 years old and she goes out at college all the time and I don't even know it. I must admit, though, that subconsciously I must be somewhat aware that she's out. I always wake up sometime during the night to check to see if she's home or not. She got in at 3AM by the way and then got up at noon. I know I lived the same schedule but it was many moons ago!

When I saw the rheumatologist, he said that I was on the four best medications for Fibro. They are Vioxx, Carisopridol (a muscle relaxant), Zoloft (an antidepressant) and amitriptyline (in low dose).

I was put on Vioxx around the time it came on the market. It was when I had the neuroma and the tendonitis in my hand. It helped the neuroma and tendonitis but I didn't think it helped the pain in my arches and heel. I found out that it takes the edege off the heel pain when I forgot it when I went on vacation and my feet were much worse. It definitely helps the pain in my neck and shoulders.

The Carisopridol is a msucle relaxant that I've been taking, as needed, for many years. I have had chronic muscle spasms for as long as I can remember and I take it if they are bad. I would prefer to be on Flexeril which has much fewer side effects but it gives me a very bad migraine. I have a friend with Fibro who takes a Flexeril every single night at bedtime and she sees a big difference.

Amitriptyline is an anti-depressant that is used in small doses, no more than 20 mg, usually at bedtime, for Fibro patients. I actually don't know why it helps but every doctor seems to prescribe it. I was on it as a migraine preventative for years before they officially said I had Fibro.

The Zoloft is an antidepressant. I didn't suffer from depression but my PCP thought that I would benefit from the increase in Seratonin levels it would produce. It is the one drug I think I could omit but the rheumatolist was quite vehement about my staying on it.

So, that's a long answer to a short question. Perhaps your doctor could reveiw these drugs with you and make suggestions. I can't take Advil at all as it kills my stomach and it gives me a headache. If you can't take Vioxx or Celebrex for the same reasons, then you should definitely take the Advil. I think it would help. Just watch your stomach.

Hope I've been of some help. I intend to check out that link that Marie sent you. Since I'm on the appropriate meds and probably have had Fibro since I was sixteen, I don't seek out much info on the disorder. For someone who has just developed it, or who isn't being properly treated for it, education is definitely the way to go.

Hope you feel better soon! Any other specific questions, don't hesitate to email me at d m m 0 3 0 @ a o l. com minus all the spaces!

Re: Pam - a major correction to the above post

Kathy G on 6/24/03 at 12:58 (122821)

I was just talking to my husband and he said that it wasn'tt he Vioxx that the Rheumatologist said was one of the four major drugs that he prescribes; it was the valium, 5mg. that I take at bedtime for my night bruxism. So, I guess I have to change my answer to: I don't take the Vioxx for fibro, I take it for the tendonitis in my hand and the PF. And now, of course, for the osteoarthritis that I'm developing.

Sorry about that! Of all the drugs I take, I find the muscle relaxant to be of the most help for my back and neck pain.

Sorry about that! :'>

Re: Pam - a major correction to the above post

Pam S. on 6/24/03 at 13:51 (122831)

Dear Gals
Thank you all for the time you spent reponding to posts. Kathy, I will maybe e-mail you someday so as not to BORE everyone with our meds talk.

Kathy,I am glad your foot is not seriously cut!!!!! You are so funny

My parents who are quite elderly are coming in from my old KY home so I will be busy having dinner ready at 5 every night this week. See you all at midnight as usual. Warmly, pam