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Pauline... Muscle Relaxant

Posted by CatherineL on 6/24/03 at 11:53 (122809)

Hi Pauline,

I missed your post about muscle relaxants since I don't visit often these days... almost 'cured'.

Last year my Dr. found moderate disk degeneration and possible fibromyalgia and began treating these and my migraines with medications... first flexril, then added elavil/amitriptaline. By doing this, and my actively treating the pf, finally some results.

After 2 years of pf in both feet, doing all the usual and strange things we do to get better, last summer this is the combo that did the trick:

- daily 30mg of flexril (had to slowly work-up to that dose so it wouldn't knock me out)
- Jun/July - approx 8 laser therapy sessions
- July - cortisone injection in one foot (landed me on crutches for 3 days)

In my own case, it never dawned on me that I could possible have fibro, even though my mom and sister had it. I am still not officially dx with fibro, but without the standard fibro meds and good sleep, my pf begins to return. So I truly believe that many people that suffer long-term unresponsive pf may have underlying illnessess that are causing or halting healing.

That may be where the whole idea of muslce relaxants is coming from.

If you have any q... (email removed)

Re: Pauline... Muscle Relaxant

Sharon W on 6/25/03 at 10:31 (122895)


Good to hear from you -- and it's WONDERFUL to hear that you are 'almost cured'!!

I think you are 100% correct that many long-time PF sufferers may have underlying problems that just have never been diagnosed and treated... Thanks for sharing your own personal secret for success!