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Hurt in Little Rock

Posted by john h-moderator on 6/24/03 at 12:18 (122813)

Dr.Z: You were right. I had my toe x-rayed this morning and have about a 3/4' long transverse fracture of the second toe (phalanx). It was just a tiny bit displaced so I will not have to have a pin inserted or cast. I am to buddy tape for 6 weeks, wear my birk sandals, limit my activities, and not walk around cats. This should be great for my PF as I am sure I will start to walk like Wendy (walks like a duck). This sure screws up my walking program as I was walking 4-5 days a week. I guess this is about a 6 week deal for this to heal?????.

Re: Hurt in Little Rock

john h-moderator on 6/24/03 at 12:19 (122814)

that was a 3/4' fracture not 3/4'.

Re: Hurt in Little Rock

Kathy G on 6/24/03 at 13:02 (122822)


What a shame! Thank God it wasn't 3/4 of a foot long. I was wondering how big your feet were! :D

This is going to be tough for you, I know. You'll have to be careful you don't overdo with your weightlifting in order to compensate. I've heard of fractures healing in 4 weeks - maybe that will happen for you.

Take care and I'm so sorry to hear of your problem!

Re: Hurt in Little Rock

Carole C in NOLA on 6/24/03 at 16:02 (122842)

John, don't you just hate it when people piously say, 'There's a Reason for everything!'? I'm just hoping that since you have to be so nice to your feet, maybe they will start being nicer to you.

Do you think you'll get out of housework duty? Mary could bring you the laundry and you could sort and fold while you sit in front of the TV healing.

My broken toes seemed to heal a little faster than six weeks, but then I was younger at the time, too. Plus, the last part of the healing, where the toe just aches mildly, can last a long time.

Carole C

Re: Hurt in Little Rock

john h on 6/24/03 at 22:14 (122855)

Carole I sure hope it heals faster than 6 weeks because with my mentality if it starts feeling good i lose patience and start doing things. That is sort of how I have this chronic PF.

Re: Hurt in Little Rock

john h-moderator on 6/25/03 at 08:38 (122875)

Yes Carole there is a reason for everything and in in this case it was my cat White Paws. As I limp throught the yard he is still right under my feet

Re: Hurt in Little Rock

Kathy G on 6/25/03 at 09:00 (122879)

Dear Hurt in Little Rock,

Please take it easy or you will aggravate your PF.

Things to do during your recuperation period:

Grab a beer, sit in a lounge chair, and read all your all Sports Illustrated's from years gone by. I bet you're one of those people who saved them!

Check out ESPN and ESPN 2 to see what sporting event they're showing.

Double the amount of time you spend online surfing sporting websites and posting to your sports message boards.

Teach White Paws to heel!

Re: Hurt in Little Rock

john h-moderator on 6/25/03 at 09:20 (122882)

Kathy you must be some sort of mind reader or have access to my history. I am right on top of ESPN and ESPN 2 and have Direct TV and subscribe to the Baseball and Football packages so there is not much i cannot access. My laptop has airport so I can sit at the kitchen table and watch the Cubs on my computer. My wife does not like sports so you can imagine what this is like for her. When I was in Vietnam my aircraft had an HF radio and if the conditions were right I could pick up WGN in Chicago and listen to the Cubs over North Vietnam. Since I cannot do much in the way of cardio I must be careful with the Moulson or this magnificient body of mine may turn to mush. I have become hooked on gatoraid. White Paws did not get out of the 1st grade so I do not think he will learn to heel.I continue with all my house duties broken toe or not..

Re: Hurt in Little Rock

BevN. on 6/25/03 at 09:33 (122887)

Kathy G,

Whenever I need advice after surgery or an accident as to how to mend I know just where to go for the very best counsel and direction . Except I will have a different beverage and magazine, okay :)

Re: Hurt in Little Rock

Sharon W on 6/25/03 at 10:26 (122894)


You sparked my curiosity -- what magazine would YOU read all your old archived copies of while you recovered from a broken toe?


Re: Hurt in Little Rock

BevN. on 6/25/03 at 13:47 (122915)

I had a broken toe the year my daughter graduated and I had to go to her graduation and her parties dressed up and limping and wearing open toed sandles with my toes taped together and sticking out - how embarrassing was that :( When I had to first be homebound and resting with my PF I finally caught up on all my back editions of my 'Better Home and Gardens', and my ' Home' , and my 'Midwest Living' magazines. I also got caught up on my photo books and cleaned out all my old recipies . We can accomplish a lot sitting on our duff :)

Re: Hurt in Little Rock - Bev

Kathy G on 6/25/03 at 16:19 (122926)

I have all these pictures that need to be sorted out. I bought the acid-free albums, etc. and there they sit. It's such a huge task and I just can't seem to get myself motivated. I keep reminding myself that someday the kids will be happy I did it but it still doesn't work. I guess I'm lazy!

I also have my mother and father's old photos and they really do need care. It would be terrible to lose any of them. Some of them are pictures of people I don't know. There are so many things I wish I'd asked my parents when they were still here. Do you ever find that? I sometimes think that I should write a journal of sorts for my kids to read when I'm gone. I could put in the things that are similar to what I'd wished I'd asked my folks. You know, things that would bore them to tears right now but they'd find interesting later, when they're old like me!

Well, I'm rambling and John H, Moderator will delete my post because it belongs on the Social Board!

Re: Hurt in Little Rock - John

Kathy G on 6/25/03 at 16:22 (122928)

I figured you'd have the package. We've been thinking of getting a dish and my husband keeps kidding me about getting the package with the football. He'll watch the Patriots but then he's off to do something. I'll watch all football, no matter who's playing. Especially if it's a couple of good teams!

I guess you'd better make it two Gatorade to every Molson, huh? Can't have you lose that fine physique of yours!

Re: Hurt in Little Rock

marie on 6/26/03 at 19:02 (123021)

Your the man of our dreams...housework with a broken toe. I'll drink to that!

Hope your feeling a little better today!

Best wishes, marie

Re: Hurt in Little Rock

john h-moderator on 6/27/03 at 08:34 (123049)

I will be happy to be the man of any girls dreams.Actually, my big toe hurts worse than the broken toe as it was jammed also. I have hallux limitus in that toe and probably aggrevated it. Sure hope this does not lead to a Cheilectomy. If i drop as much as a bottle cap it seem to find my toe..