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To: Judy S.

Posted by Necee on 6/25/03 at 01:00 (122864)

Hey baseball player!
Come to Texas and show these Texas Rangers how to play ball!

Happy trails....


Re: To: Judy S.

JudyS on 6/25/03 at 11:48 (122903)

Oh gosh Necee, I'm having a tough enough time here with the Padres as they insist on staying in the celler....

Re: To: Judy S.

Kathy G on 6/25/03 at 16:31 (122931)

You all know that if you want to know the key to success, just ask a Red Sox fan! Actually, I hardly ever watch baseball but I watch the sports on TV and read the sports page. Whatever you do, you can't be much worse than we are! No matter what our record says, we're not very good!

Re: To: Judy S.

marie on 6/25/03 at 16:48 (122934)

My favorite baseballplayer is returning from his disability leave. He is one of the pitchers for the Colorado Rockies....his name is Denny Stark. He is one of my old students.....and according to him we're related. Actually he is related to my husband.

later, marie