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Rebecca's Heavenly Birks

Posted by DianaI on 6/25/03 at 22:31 (122963)

Have been gone for a week and just read your post about your 'heavenly birkenstocks'. I am glad that they are comfortable for you. Sometimes it is so hard to find shoes that feel good when you put your feet into them. I wear mine at home almost all the time. Tomorrow I am going to an orthopedic surgeon for a second visit. My doctor suggested him as I have been having trouble with my legs aching so much. He (the OS) thought that it was due to my feet as I had been working in my yard and house alot recently getting ready for my grandsons graduation party that we had here. The party was a smashing success, but my feet really paid for it!. I had xrays taken of my lower back and knee and nothing should up out of the ordinary. He told me to try to get some inserts that had more of a cushioning in the heel area and suggested Spenco. I tried them, but the arch area bothered me too much. Soooo - tomorrow we will see what he suggests. He thought the Power Step inserts were really good ones, but needed alittle more cushioning on the heel.
Most of the helpful suggestions have come from this site - thanks to all of you. I think I thanked you before, but never hurts to say it more than once!!

Re: Rebecca's Heavenly Birks

DianaI on 6/25/03 at 22:37 (122964)

Correction on my typing. Should be 'nothing showed up out of the ordinary', not 'should up'. Good grief!:'>

Re: Rebecca's Heavenly Birks

Jeanne J on 6/27/03 at 19:12 (123088)

Hi Dianal,

Just wondering whether you got your birks made so that they have the orthotic structure in them? I find them not so cushioning, so I have to do figure out what to do as far as not wearing my sneakers all the time with my orthotics in them!

It's great that you've had success with your footwear!

Re: Rebecca's Heavenly Birks

Carole C in NOLA on 6/28/03 at 08:32 (123107)

More than any other widely available shoe that I know of, Birkenstocks have a built in orthotic footbed. Having an orthotic footbed does NOT mean that they are cushioned, as you have discovered! When I first got PF I was horrified at feeling the hard footbed of Birkenstocks, and was sure I could not tolerate them. But they turned out to be very helpful in my recovery. They do become quite a bit softer once they are broken in. Birkenstocks should be broken in by wearing them an hour or two the first day, and increasing by a half hour or an hour each day until they suddenly feel quite a bit softer and more marshmallowy. If they are not broken in properly, they will not help you. I would suggest wearing them while seated during the break-in period, and slowing down the break-in, if your feet are sensitive.

If you decide to try Birkenstocks for PF, get the 'classic footbed' which is the one that has been most helpful to people here. Some of the many styles that are available with the classic footbed include the Arizona (which is the most popular here), the Florida, the Boston, and the Granada. You can look at these styles at http://www.birkenstockexpress.com or elsewhere.

Carole C

Re: Rebecca's Heavenly Birks

Diana on 6/28/03 at 12:43 (123118)


At one time there was a shoe store here that sold Birkenstocks. They have gone out of business now, but at that time I decided to try them as I had heard about many people that were pleased with the shoes. I decided on the Arizonas because of the soft footbed. This was about 4 years ago and I still have the original shoes. I don't wear an orthotic with them - as Carol says they have the built in orthotic. Even with the soft footbed it took me some time to get used to them. I am going to try the Granada as they are a little dressier, though they will have the cork footbed. However, after reading the post from Carol C, I will break them in slowly and hope for that marshmallowy feeling that she describes. I also ordered a catalog from BirkenstockExpress after going to their website. It's great to thumb through and look at the different styles.

I have to get out of my sneakers a couple times during the day. I use orthotics in them and while they are comfortable nevertheless after wearing them for awhile my feet need to breathe. I should say, that regardless of the shoes I wear, after being on my feet for a long period of time they do hurt and ache. Then it is back to resting and ice packs!!

Good luck to you whatever shoe you decide to buy.

Re: Rebecca's Heavenly Birks

Carole C in NOLA on 6/28/03 at 14:38 (123126)

I love my Granadas, Diana! I really hope they work for you. I am wearing mine right now. They are cocoa nubuck, and I like the way the nubuck feels. They really look cute, especially with some nail polish.

If I remember correctly (and it's been over a year), it takes about 4-5 days before they are broken in. When they finally become broken in, you will really notice a distinct change in the way they feel. They will feel like a firm marshmallow. At least, that's the best way I can describe it. :)

When my PF was more painful, I found that changing my shoes a lot helped. I would wear my SAS shoes and orthotics to work, and wear my Birkenstocks when I got home. On weekends, I'd wear my New Balance shoes if I had to try to shop for anything.

Thank goodness I could afford all these shoes. I didn't think that I could, but my feet hurt so much that I decided to consider it a medical expense and buy them anyway. PF is such an expensive problem! Before PF, I only owned ONE pair of shoes! ;)

Carole C

Re: Granadas

Diana on 6/28/03 at 18:23 (123129)

Thought I would change the topic here as Rebecca hasn't told us lately if hers are still heavenly!;) I think I will get the Denim Navy Nubuck as I have the brown in the Arizonas. I was looking on the QVC site and they had the Granadas in a Berry color. They didn't call them by name however - just had a number to order them. They were under the Birkenstock catagory - I presume they are the same shoe.:-/

I am going to a PT this next week for a laser treatment. Suppose to help with the pain in my heels. We'll see. After awhile we become alittle skeptical about some treatments. Well, here's hoping.

I used to have quite a few shoes in my closet, but many were cheap and no arch support in them. Probably had alot to do with my PF. BUT NOW I have expensive shoes:) and not many, so far. I am happy I can afford them also.


Re: Granadas

Carole C in NOLA on 6/29/03 at 00:02 (123140)

I think the Berry colored Granadas are probably the same shoe although I agree it's kind of nervewracking not to know before you order them. Is their return policy good? Sometimes I see strangely colored Birkenstocks in limited quantities on some site. I guess they are occasionally made. Once I saw some Floridas that were 'Merlot' colored and I really wanted them, but never bought them. The navy nubuck should feel just as nice as the cocoa nubuck.

Is denim navy nubuck a color of nubuck leather, or a texture of denim? According to message board wisdom passed down from Julie, the leather uppers (either nubuck leather, smooth leather, or any kind of leather) seem to work better for PF than the synthetics because of how they hold the foot somehow.

Let us know how the PT goes! I hope it helps you.

Carole C

Re: Granadas

Carole C in NOLA on 6/29/03 at 00:04 (123141)

that was supposed to be 'w-i-s-d-o-m' not wisdom. The message board just changes the word like that because it thinks I'm talking about silicone dynamic orthotics if there's an sdo in a word.

Carole C

Re: Rebecca's Heavenly Birks

rose on 6/29/03 at 12:01 (123152)

That is exactly what I do..SAS for work, the Birks at home and New Balance on the weekends. It really helps. I found my Birks at Sams Club for a good price. I now have three different pairs from there over the past year. I have a doctor friend who had foot surgery in both feet (heel spurs) about 10 years ago and he only wears Birks, as that is all he can tolerate. He is the one who told me to check out Sams.